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Chenery Middle School: Update from Superintendent Phelan

Dear Parents, Guardians, and Staff,

I write to update you on the latest information regarding our efforts to repair our back up generator at Chenery Middle School.

This morning a team of electricians from Driscoll Electric and Power Products Incorporated were on site, in conjunction with our Fire Department and Facilities Department.  Several tests were conducted of the back-up generator and all of them passed successfully.  As we are now able to confirm that our back-up generator and transfer switches are within the state safety regulations, we have received permission from the Fire Department to open school tomorrow.  Therefore, school will be in session tomorrow, Wednesday, June 14th for all Chenery students.

Please note that the cancelled day of school today will NOT be added to the end of the school, per Department of Elementary and Secondary Education policy.  The last day of school for all students, including Chenery students, remains Wednesday, June 21.

Thank you for your patience, and again, my thanks to the Belmont Police and Fire Departments during this process, as well as the Facilities Department, DPW and Belmont Light.


John P. Phelan

Superintendent of Schools

Belmont, Massachusetts