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Veterans Honored For Their Service

Veterans at CMS Programs honoring Veterans were at the Chenery, Butler and Wellington schools on November 10. Veterans at all three schools were seated while patriotic music was performed by the Chenery Chamber Singers, the Chenery Winds, the Butler Grade 4 Chorus, and Wellington students. Chenery Principal Michael McAllister, Butler Principal Danielle Betancourt, and Wellington Principal Amy Spangler thanked the veterans for their sacrifice and service, and students at the schools spoke. The Officer of the Day introduced the veterans by name to applauding audiences at each school.

Pledge of Allegiance at CMS The Chenery Chamber singers, directed by music teacher Andrew Milne, sang the Star-Spangled Banner while the audience and veterans stood for the Pledge of Allegiance, and the Chenery Winds, directed by music teachers John McLellan and Sharon Phipps,  performed  Armed Forces on Parade, a piece that includes the theme songs for four of the branches of the military. Veterans were invited to stand during their song. One of the best known poems of WW1, “In Flanders Field” was also read.

Butler students and music teacher Livermore Butler Grade 4 Chorus also performed the Star-Spangled Banner as well as America the Beautiful and This is Our Land/Grand Old Flag, directed by music teacher Vickie Livermore. The student body sang My Country ‘Tis of Thee.

Earlier in the month, Butler students and families were invited to share the names of any veterans they would like honored with a star placed in the Butler cafeteria.  Students will bring the stars home to present to honorees along with a letter that explains how their service was acknowledged by the school community.

Music teacher McMahan Wellington school Wellington students played a patriotic round with xylophones and recorders, and the fourth grade sang patriotic songs including This land is Your Land and Down by the Riverside under the direction of music teacher Craig McMahan. The audience also heard a story that about Veterans’ Day, and was invited to sing My Country ‘Tis of Thee.

There was a moment of silence held in honor of all who are no longer with us as well as those who lost their lives or were injured while serving.

Pledge of Allegiance at CMS  Veterans announced at CMS  Veterans at CMS  Veterans at CMS  CMS Chamber Singers  CMS Wind Ensemble  Boy Scout leading the pledge of allegiance at Butler school  Butler students and music teacher Livermore  Veterans at Butler school  Veterans at Wellington school  Veteran at Wellington school  Wellington school principal Amy Spangler  Music teacher McMahan Wellington school