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A Buzz of Activity at the FBE 2016 Spelling Bee

More than 700 Belmont students competed in the 2016 Foundation for Education (FBE) Spelling Bee held on November 5 at the Chenery Middle School. The Chenery Cheetahs team Winning for the second year in a row is The Chenery Cheetahs team comprised of sixth graders Grace Deane, Solenn Marion, and Gillian Palmer, who correctly spelled the word “Ailurophobia”, which means an abnormal fear of cats. The runner-up team is the Spellingpandas comprised of fifth graders Julia Luber, Vivian Tao, and Subi Upadhyay. The winning team members each receive a trophy and a $100 monetary prize from Belmont Savings Bank, and the runner-ups each receive a $25 gift certificate from The Book Rack.

Full Stage of Spelling Teams The competition ran more than six hours, with 194 teams of students divided into non-competitive swarms of kindergarten through fourth grade, and competitive swarms of grades five and six. Many of the teams were in creative costumes with clever swarm names such as Spell-Bound, Ninja Bees, Zombees, Obee-Wan Kenobees, and Macaroni and Bees. The evening hosts/ MCs and panelists were made up of Belmont Public School educators, School Committee members, and other local FBE supporters.

Bee co-chairs Laurie Bufano and Barbara Bulfoni The FBE raised more than $20,000 from the event, and co-chairs Laurie Bufano and Barbara Bulfoni say this year, the 16th year the Bee has been held, is a tremendous success, “It’s not possible to hold an event of this size without extensive support from parents, volunteers, community members and the Belmont Public Schools,” says Bufano. “Many thanks to our MCs and panelists and everyone who helped make this great event possible.”

Yellow Spelling Puppies  2016 Bee Runner Ups  Spelling Bears  Full Stage of Spelling Teams  Full Stage of Spelling Teams  Bee co-chairs Laurie Bufano and Barbara Bulfoni  The Chenery Cheetahs team