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Lots of Fun at the Butler Fun Run

The third annual Butler Fun Run held on November 2nd was a great success, raising more than $21,000, surpassing this year’s goal of $15,000.

Students in all grades participated throughout the morning, and were given a pedometer to help them keep track and reach 2,500 steps (about a mile) either by walking, skipping or running the course designed by Physical Education teacher Ted Trodden.

Butler School Principal dressed as ElastigirlThere was superhero help to navigate the course and cheer on the participants; Custodian Robert Johnson was Captain America, third grade teacher Brian Bisceglia-Kane was Batman, first grade teacher Jen Pressey was Wonder Woman, and many other teachers wore capes the PTA made. Principal Danielle Betancourt chose to be Elastigirl from the Pixar movie, The Incredibles, because the character is part of a family and a mom, and, “She has arms big enough to hug the whole school,” says Bentancourt.

The money raised goes to PTA enrichment programs and field trips, library books, teacher supplies and professional development for Butler staff. The event was organized by the Butler PTA and sponsored by local businesses.

Butler Fun Run  Butler Principal Danielle Betancourt  Principal Betancourt as Elastigirl