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Professional Status Honors

Sixteen educators who achieved Professional Status were recognized before the School Committee meeting on October 11. Educators achieve this status after successfully completing three years of employment with Belmont Public Schools.

There was a reception followed by a ceremony where Human Resources Director Mary Pederson greeted the recipients as well as read congratulatory comments by colleagues and administrators. Music was provided by the Belmont High School Quartet.

Also recognized was Donna Pini, Executive Secretary to the Director of Business, Finance and Administration, for her 27 years of service to Belmont Public Schools. She is retiring at the end of this month.

Below are the names of the educators who achieved Professional Status:

Mark Abruzzese - High School - Teacher, Science
Ellen Donahue - Winn Brook - Speech and Language Pathologist
Karen Dube - Chenery - Teacher, Grade 5, Math/Science
Ellen Fink - Wellington - Teacher, Kindergarten
Jason Greenwood - Wellington - Speech and Language Pathologist
Kimberly Hogrefe - Chenery - Nurse
Michela Keough - Winn Brook - Teacher, Grade 1
Vickie Livermore - Butler - Teacher, Music
Emily Macnow - High School - Teacher, Special Education
Nathaniel Markley - High School - Teacher, English
Lois Mason - Chenery - Teacher, Reading
Colleen McBride - Wellington - Teacher, Grade 2
Michelle Moeller - Wellington - Teacher, ESL
Margaret Roler - Wellington - Teacher, Grade 2
Priscilla Stephan - Winn Brook - Teacher, Special Education
Kimberly Thompson - Chenery - Teacher, English, Grade 7

Phelan, Pini and educators  Audience  SC member, Susan Burgess, Cox, Pini, Phelan  Vickie Livermore, Pederson, Phelan  Ellen Donahue, Pederson, Phelan  Jason Greenwood, Pederson, Phelan  Reception