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Welcome Back to Teachers-Chenery Style

CMS.jpg Chenery teachers were greeted with “Welcome Back” banners, cheers and applause from Chenery families and students as they entered the building after attending the Superintendent’s annual address to staff at the high school on September 6, the day before the start of school.

 The idea came from teachers serving on the Social Emotional Learning Committee, and Chenery Guidance Counselor Carla Hawkins who helped co-organize the event, “The concept is based on something called a "hero's welcome," which was common in the WW2 era,” says Hawkins. “Soldiers would return home, and neighbors would line the walkway up to their front door and cheer them on.  It is a simple idea, but we hope it can have a large impact.”

Participants were asked to keep it a secret from the teachers, and families were asked to park on the street instead of the school parking lot. It was a huge surprise party to organize but Hawkins says it was worth the effort, “It is a way of thanking the teachers for returning, for showing them how much we appreciate their dedication, and helping them get their year off to a positive start.  It is about creating welcoming, inviting environments for all and building stronger School-Family Connections and Family-School Partnerships,” says Hawkins.