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Kindergarten Tuition Information 2016-2017

Dear Parents/Guardians of Kindergarten Students for 2016-2017, 

For all students attending full day Kindergarten, the Belmont Public Schools charges a tuition fee. The tuition for the 2016-2017 school year will be $3,500. 

In order to register your student(s) in the full day Kindergarten program, you must complete the attached Full Day Kindergarten Fee form and submit it directly to the Belmont Public Schools, Attn: Business Office at 644 Pleasant Street, Belmont. All forms are due by July 1, 2016. This form is in addition to the form that you have completed online to register your student(s) for the school that your child will attend. Payment for the first quarter of the annual tuition must also be submitted to the Business Office by July 1, 2016. 

As in past years, the Belmont Public Schools will offer partial or full tuition waivers. Any parent/guardian interested in requesting a tuition waiver, must do so by sending a letter to the Business Office. Parents/guardians must attach a copy of last year’s tax return to the letter. Partial or full waivers will be granted based on household income and size. 

Note that the Full Day Kindergarten Fee form and the first quarterly payment must be received by the Business Office before your child(ren) may participate in the Full Day Kindergarten Program. This form also needs to be submitted to the Business Office even if you make a payment online. 

Tuition payment is available online (instructions are attached). 

Feel free to call the Business Office at 617-993-5430 if you have any questions.

Additional information about fee payment is available here