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“Resilient Parents, Resilient Kids” Parent Workshop

“Resilient Parents, Resilient Kids” Rana Chudnofsky, EdM

Learn the essential tools to build resilience, improve health and quality of life, while helping support your children and teens to learn and practice their own resiliency building skills. Learn about the connection between stress and physical or emotional concerns. Practice techniques to elicit the relaxation response to stay cool in stressful situations! 

Rana Chudnofsky has served as Director of the Resilient Youth Program at the Benson Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital since 2006. She specializes in teaching relaxation techniques and cognitive strategies at clinical treatment centers, schools and universities. She received her training in Biofeedback from Boston Behavioral Medicine and her EdM from Harvard University in Technology in Education. With a background in Mind Body medicine and technology, Ms. Chudnofsky finds it rewarding to show people how their body’s physiology can change with meditation.

Sponsored by the Belmont Health Department and Belmont Public School’s “Stress Less Campaign” grant funded initiative to address stress and parenting.