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Wellness Fair Showcased Healthy Lifestyles and Prizes

Wellness Fair Poster Faculty and staff had the opportunity to attend the BPS Wellness Fair on January 20 at Belmont High School, organized by the Human Resources Department.

Personal and home health was on the menu with vendors ranging from community farms to yoga/fitness classes to home energy solutions.  Vendors were there to offer their expert services as well as offer product samples, such as skin care and food items from the farms.  The attendees all appreciated the variety of wellness services available at the fair, and were enthusiastic about the event.  “I think the fair is a great service for our faculty and staff,” said Arto Asadoorian, BHS Director of Fine and Performing Arts.  “I encourage the BPS to do things like this again in the future.”

Participants at the fair also had the chance to enter a raffle to win an Amazon gift card, Yoga lessons, a one-week farm share, a personal trainer for a week, two rock-climbing packages, a massage or acupuncture, and a clothing gift certificate.

The fair was the first for BPS employees, “There aren’t that many opportunities to take care of ourselves at work,” says Human Resources Director Mary Pederson. “The Wellness Fair is one of those opportunities.”

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