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Invitation To Comment On The Superintendent’s Evaluation

In compliance with the Massachusetts Educator Appraisal System, each school committee must conduct annually a public review of the performance of the school district’s Superintendent of Schools.  This year is the second time the Belmont School Committee is conducting the review under procedures for the new system.   The School Committee must produce an evaluation report and then work with the Superintendent define or refine the Superintendent’s Annual Performance Plan and Goals for the next school year.

The first step in this process is a self-assessment which Dr. Kingston has provided in writing to the committee members and for the public. This document and others pertaining to the evaluation can be found here. While members of the school committee are reviewing this self-assessment and compiling their own evaluations, we are inviting members of the public who wish to comment to do so.  Comments from the public will be considered as the school committee creates an overall performance rating and then reports its evaluation at the October 8th School Committee meeting. As well, there will be time at that meeting for anyone who wishes to offer public comments regarding the Superintendent’s performance.

A superintendent’s annual performance appraisal is based on four Standards:  Instructional Leadership, Management and Operations, Family and Community Engagement, and Professional Culture. The appraisal must also consider the Superintendent’s progress against the specified annual goals. A copy of the complete evaluation rubric is available on line at


If you wish to comment, please provide your feedback by October 1.  You can send your comments via email (preferred method) to lgraham@belmont.k12.ma.us, or by regular mail to Laurie Graham, Chair, Belmont School Committee, 644 Pleasant Street, Belmont MA. 02478. Comments will be incorporated in the aggregate when reporting out to the School Committee and the public,  without attribution.


Laurie Graham

Chair, Belmont School Committee