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Bennett Family Eye Care Supports the FBE - Diploma Day is July 31st

Bennett Family Eye Care FBE

Bennett Family Eye Care and the FBE
Working Together to Improve Vision for Belmont’s Students

For the fourth year, Bennett Family Eye Care is supporting the Foundation for Belmont Education (FBE) with a special event for high school and college bound students:

DIPLOMA DAY - Tuesday, July 31st

On Diploma Day, Bennett Family Eye Care will contribute $251 to the FBE for all complete pairs of glasses purchased at their Belmont location. All students seen on Diploma Day will receive a full eye examination, including a vision exam, eye health assessment with a complimentary Optomap2, and a binocular vision evaluation. Glasses specials3 and giveaways will also be offered on this special day! To book an appointment with Bennett Family Eye Care or to learn more about this event, call (617) 484-1414 or visit www.bennettfamilyeye.com

Younger students will have their own special day at Bennett Family Eye Care. On Thursday, August 16th, Back to School Day will be held for students in grades one through eight. Click here for more information about Back to School Day.

The FBE knows that supporting excellence and enrichment for the Belmont Public Schools benefits all students. Similarly, the doctors at Bennett Family Eye Care know that, in order for students to reach their full potential in learning, they need to see clearly and comfortably. Young people don’t always know when they have a vision problem. This is why all students benefit from an eye examination before they go back to school. 

Bennett Family Eye Care is an FBE Investor in Education ($5,000+ per year) and the FBE is grateful for this additional support. Bennett Family Eye Care has been a generous supporter of the FBE since its inception and has donated more than $25,000 to the FBE in the last six years.

Bennett Family Eye Care and the FBE are working to make a difference in the Belmont Public Schools.

1 Maximum donation for Diploma Day and Back to School Day is $500. 
2 Optomap is a digital image of the back of the eye. 
3 Specials not to be combined with vision plans or other discounts.