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Winn Brook Walks Three-Miles for Nepal

Winn Brook Walks Three-Miles for NepalWinn Brook fourth graders organized and led a fundraising campaign in response to the disaster in Nepal.  Teachers shared some general information about the earthquake and its impact.  Students generated ideas for raising funds and voted for an option that required them to give of themselves.  Empowered and motivated, 4th graders went to work advertising and soliciting $1.00 sponsorships for their “Walk for Nepal.”  Each sponsor signed a sneaker poster which was hung in the hallway.   The children were so successful in their fundraising efforts, the line of sneakers reaches all the way around the school!  On May 27, with the assistance of the Police Department, the fourth graders, teachers, and parent volunteers completed the three mile walk for Nepal, raising approximately $800.  Principal Janet Carey says the Winn Brook School staff is constantly striving to develop a school culture which reinforces the core values of respect, community and high expectations.