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Burbank’s Got Talent!

Where can you see cultural dancing, Hula hooping, martial arts, magic and a puppet show?  Those are just some of the acts featured at the 10th Annual Burbank Elementary Talent Show held on April 10.  More than 300 people gathered in the gym for an evening of memorable performances.  Burbank Teacher Cliff Gallant kept the evening rolling as the Master of Ceremonies.

The show began with a presentation of Kathak, a North Indian dance form. The evening entertainment ranged from the singing of the classic tune, “Rock Around the Clock” to the dancing of a Chinese Long Fan Dance. Several students wowed the crowd throughout the show with their sensitive instrumental performances, on violin, cello or piano. Singing and dancing, in groups and alone, dominated the evening.

A third grade gymnastics performance welcomed the audience back from intermission. Hula hooping was well represented, with no less than three acts showing off their prowess – one by dancing the Macarena, one to the Taylor Swift song “Shake it Off”, and the third in glow-in-the-dark clothing. Martial arts, magic, skits, and a fascinating showcase of Japanese traditional toys and a puppet show rounded out the night. The evening ended with a rousing rendition of “It’s a Hard Knock Life”, from the musical Annie.

The Talent Show is sponsored by the Burbank PTA and made possible by the efforts of many parent volunteers with the support of the Belmont Public Schools staff and faculty. Students from Belmont High and Belmont Middle School helped with the rehearsals and the performance. The Burbank students practiced for weeks to put together a great show. It was truly a community celebration!

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