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8th Grade Artists Partner with Audubon Society Habitat

Students in Ms. Byrnes’ 8th Grade Printmaking class had the pleasure of working alongside Habitat from Massachusetts Audubon Society thanks to a grant funded by the Massachusetts Cultural Council. Students worked alongside Habitat for three classes, interacting hands-on with critters, plants, and various items from the outside world. Tiny Frogs and huge African Millipedes were among the guests that students will surely never forget! Students then created rubbings and sketches of these items, highlighting the wonder of local wildlife and natural elements from their own backyards! 

Switching to a macro-view of the environment, students then investigated environmental issues occurring globally. Students are now working alongside student teacher Ms. Winters to create a collagraph print that responds to an environmental issue they have researched. Learning that images can serve as powerful tools to send a message, the student's collagraph prints are meant to bring awareness to the issue they have chosen to their classmates and community.

8th-Grade-Printmaking-Class_0128.JPG  8th-Grade-Printmaking-Class_0389.jpg  8th-Grade-Printmaking-Class_0384.JPG  8th-Grade-Printmaking-Class_0400.JPG  8th-Grade-Printmaking-Class_0383.JPG  8th-Grade-Printmaking-Class_0160.jpg  8th-Grade-Printmaking-Class_0155.JPG  8th-Grade-Printmaking-Class_0365.JPG  8th-Grade-Printmaking-Class_0359.jpg  8th-Grade-Printmaking-Class_0146.JPG  8th-Grade-Printmaking-Class_0107.JPG