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Wellington PTO Organized a Spectacular Multicultural Night!

The Wellington PTO recently hosted its annual Multicultural Night.  A long time tradition at the Wellington School, children with their parents, grandparents and guardians came out on a Friday to learn about artists around the world.  Children had a great time learning about the artists and how the culture from each country influenced their art.  Everyone was treated to a pizza dinner and an amazing array of desserts from different countries from the potluck dessert table.  The night finished with a performance by a group of Taiko drummers.  It was a first for many to experience this powerful musical performance from the country of Japan.  Kids from the audience were invited to play the drums and even Principal Spangler got up to beat the drums!  It was a great night for everyone.  After a successful evening, the Multicultural Team at Wellington is already brainstorming for next years’ event!

WellingtonMC2015-01.jpg  WellingtonMC2015-02.jpg  WellingtonMC2015-03.jpg  WellingtonMC2015-04.jpg  WellingtonMC2015-05.jpg  WellingtonMC2015-06.jpg  WellingtonMC2015-07.jpg