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School Year 2014-2015

The overall goal of the Belmont School Committee is to use its powers to ensure that the Belmont Public Schools achieve its mission:

With a commitment to teaching and learning, the Belmont Public Schools strive to nurture the intellectual, social, and personal development of each student and to create a dynamic community of lifelong learners who contribute to the common good and are of service to others.

Massachusetts law grants three specific powers to school committees: to appoint and remove the superintendent, to set school policies, and to review and approve budgets.

The School Committee will use these powers to ensure that policies and budgets align with the following three goals, and that the superintendent acts to achieve them:   

  1. To prepare all students for college, career, and life-long learning through a balanced and healthy school experience, and through continuity of curriculum and compliance with Commonwealth and community standards, through support for educators to experiment and innovate, and clear articulation of our instructional models.
  2. To support continuous improvement and overall programmatic and fiscal stability by engaging administrators, teachers, and other stakeholders in generally accepted practices of long-term strategic planning.
  3. To ensure that students receive instruction from consistently highly qualified educators who pursue continuous improvement of their art by hiring well-prepared and diverse professionals, and sustaining continuous professional development by means of clear and coherent plans, and by implementing a successful educator evaluation system in line with new Commonwealth standards.