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  • What is the PTO? The PTO is part of Wellington PTO Inc, a 501c3 charitable organization. As a parent teacher organization, the PTOs primary functions are to sponsor student and community activities and to organize fundraising events that allow us to provide enrichment programs for students as well as professional development for our teachers. The PTO's Mission Statement is to:

    • Enrich the educational experience of the children

    • Build a stronger school community

    • Facilitate and foster communication between the home and school.

  • Who is in charge of the PTO? The PTO is governed by a board of Wellington parents/caregivers. Our board includes a diverse set of parents with a broad range of backgrounds and professional experience, all coming together to support and enrich our children's education. A slate of new officers is elected at the Annual Membership Meeting each May. In addition to leadership positions on the board, we also have over 60 committee/coordinator positions, and there are many ways to get involved whether in volunteer hours or financial contributions. We encourage you to look at the 'Get Involved' section of our website! Whether you work in or out of the home, have time sporadically or on a regular basis, or you're not sure what skills you have to offer, we have a place for you!

  • Who benefits from the PTO? Our children are the primary beneficiaries of all the funds raised by the PTO. Our Programs (Enrichment) team works closely with teachers at each grade level to supplement their classroom curricula needs. At the same time, the PTO offers the parents and caregivers of Wellington students an opportunity to become involved in activities at the school; to meet and work with other parents, staff and faculty; and to contribute to the educational and social growth of our children throughout the year. The PTO also partners with the school guidance department to support families in need in our school community through in-kind donations and gift cards. The PTO holds four member meetings during the school year and strives to include a parent education component at each meeting such as a teacher presentation or an informal Q & A with an administrator.

  • How does the PTO raise money? The PTO raises money through Membership dues, BOKS & ASE Clubs, Fun Run, School Picture Day, Scholastic Book Fair, Moira Gavin Bingo Night, Winter Carnival, Box Tops for Education, AmazonSmile - designate Wellington PTO Inc, and Mighty Nest. The PTO also applies for grants, when appropriate. We try very hard to avoid fundraisers that require students and families to sell stuff - no gift wrap or candy sales here!

  • How does the PTO decide how to spend the funds it raises? The PTO Board votes on an annual budget each year which typically includes allocations for specific recurring annual community programs; classroom supplies and professional development; student enrichment and curriculum supports; and building improvements/supplies. During the year, teachers and administrators may propose a funding request to the PTO Board for consideration; this may include a new recurring expense or an one-time expenditure. The PTO prioritizes initiatives that benefit a broad range of students.

  • How do I become a member of the PTO? At the start of each school year, the PTO holds an annual membership drive. Membership dues for the current school year are $35 per family, and there are two ways to join - online or paper form.

  • I'm a working parent. What opportunities are there to volunteer at school? The PTO coordinates some in-school volunteer opportunities that are scheduled in advance such as Library Volunteer (all grades) and Field Day (3rd & 4th grade). Also, parents may reach out to their child's teacher and let them know that they would like to help. Depending on the classroom, the teacher might have specific opportunities for parents to volunteer. Additionally, the PTO coordinates many family events that do not occur during the school day such as the annual Family Picnics, Movie Night, Bingo Night, Skate Night, Multicultural Night and Science Night. All of these events occur after school hours, in the evening, and are organized, set up/ cleaned up, and attended by many families in our community. The PTO hopes these types of community events will allow families with varying work schedules and needs to spend time together and enjoy each others' company.

  • Can anyone volunteer at school? Yes, however, the school district requires all parent volunteers to complete a Criminal Offender Record information (CORI) check prior to volunteering. CORI forms are available in the school office and should be submitted in person to the school secretary. In addition to the district CORI check, the PTO runs its own CORI check for all committee/event coordinators who interact with students outside of school hours and all board members.

  • How is the PTO involved in town and school government? Since PTOs are, at heart, groups of parents who are interested in supporting education, many situations arise in which the group, or members of the group, may wish to use the organization in support of a particular purpose. As a volunteer non-profit organization, we do not endorse any candidates, referendums, or budgets. Additionally, while our fundraising and programming is for the benefit of the entire community, it would not be appropriate for the PTO to take a stance on issues that impact the entire community as PTO officers are the elected leadership of its members, which is only a portion of the parent community. Consistent with our mission to facilitate and foster communication, any concerns shared with the PTO will be shared with the school administration.

  • What is the relationship between the PTO and Wellington Student Care? Wellington PTO Inc is a single non-profit entity with two independent governing boards - General Board (PTO) and Student Care Board. Each board is designated certain rights and powers as relates to the members they serve. The PTO is involved with and supports the school day activities, and the Student Care Board is focused on the after school care program. While the co-Presidents of the PTO share one seat on the Student Care Board, they have the same rights as any other board member.

  • Who runs the After School Care program at Wellington? Wellington Student Care is a full-time child care program, licensed by the EEC and governed by a parent advisory board, whose members have a broad range of professional experience including expertise in early childhood education and out of school time as well as management. The Student Care Board employs a professional Program Director and Site Coordinator who partner with the school administration to ensure a smooth transition between the school day and after school program. For the 2017-18 school year, Wellington Student Care serves 42% of current students (241 of 572 K-4 students). You can find more information about Wellington Student Care on their website.

  • Are there any other after school opportunities at Wellington? The PTO coordinates After School Enrichment (ASE) and offers one-hour clubs during three 7-8 week sessions. In addition to being a modest fundraiser, ASE provides students with an opportunity to explore enriching activities and socialize with other students in a fun, no pressure environment. For the 2017-18 school year, After School Enrichment (ASE) provides enrichment opportunities for 44% of current students (252 of 572 K-4 students). Of the students enrolled in an ASE club this year, 65% (164 of 252 students) are not enrolled in Student Care on the day they participate in an ASE club. Some of these families might be using ASE in lieu of formal child care, but current enrollment data patterns do not support that this applies to a large portion of the population. The ASE program operates with an exemption from the EEC and is not licensed by any other department.
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