Wellington Elementary School and PTO News http://www.belmont.k12.ma.us/wellington/news/ Belmont Public Schools. Wellington Elementary School and PTO News and Announcements. en-us A Message from Welly and Ms. Stewart http://www.belmont.k12.ma.us/wellington/news/details.asp?newsid=191 We hope everyone had a great week! We miss you all and are thinking about you and your families every day. Baby Welly is currently at Mrs. Stewartfs house and he needs your help. With that in mind, please view the picture. Art and Mental Health Resources http://www.belmont.k12.ma.us/wellington/news/details.asp?newsid=188 I hope this message finds you healthy and well. The following email contains a message from our Visual and Performing Arts Department. Please feel free to reach out to them during their office hours described below and utilize their resources. A Message and an Estimation Challenge for Wellington Students http://www.belmont.k12.ma.us/wellington/news/details.asp?newsid=186 Even though we can't be in the same place it doesn't mean we can't grow and learn together. With that in mind, please enjoy this estimation challenge. Feel free to post your estimates on-line and we will let you know the answer at the end of the day September COVID-19 Planning/Community Forum http://www.belmont.k12.ma.us/wellington/ptonews/details.asp?newsid=722 Apply To Serve On Wellington's Assistant Principal Screening Committee http://www.belmont.k12.ma.us/wellington/ptonews/details.asp?newsid=721 May PTO News http://www.belmont.k12.ma.us/wellington/ptonews/details.asp?newsid=720