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How do I get my child admitted into Wellington?
The Wellington school services age appropriate children within its  geographical boundaries.  In addition, we also have children admitted out of the school district either through the State's METCO program or from written requests submitted and approved through the Belmont School Committee, with the approval of the Superintendent.  For more information read   Belmont Public Schools Elementary Resource Guide for Parents or go to the Registration tab located to the left.

How do I get in touch of my child's teacher?
Communication between school staff and parents is of vital importance to children's education. If a parent or guardian wishes to speak with a teacher, he/she should send a note to the teacher, call the teacher's school phone number to leave a message or communicate via email. Please review the staff directory for contact information for the respective teacher or school employee. 

How do I know what's going on at school?
The Friday Wellington Weekly includes weekly notices from the school office, school department and information about events sponsored by PTO or community organizations. These newsletters are sent home in your child's folder, but you can also download them in the news section of the website. Teachers also send their own newsletters and notices. It is ESSENTIAL that parents/guardians check backpacks and school bags for newsletters and notices. If a form or notice requires a response, please do so immediately. In instances where students' time is split between two different households, it is useful for the adults to work out a system for sharing information that comes home with a child so that they can both be kept informed.

Who do I talk to about a concern in the classroom?
If a parent/guardian has a concern or question, she/he is encouraged to contact the teacher. Together, every effort will be made to clarify or resolve the issue. If the problem is not resolved and still is of concern, the parent or teacher may bring the issue to the attention of the principal.

What Feedback do I Receive on my Child's Progress in the Classroom?
Written pupil evaluation reports are distributed by classroom teachers three times yearly for students in grade 1-4 and twice yearly for those in kindergarten. There is one form used for kindergartners, another one for first graders, and a third one for students in grades 2-4. Report cards for students are given to parents/guardians at the fall (November) and spring (March) conferences. A final report is sent home with all students on the last day of school in June. In spring and on the last day, there is also a report from special subjects teachers (music, art, physical education) on progress in these areas.

All elementary schools in Belmont have a series of early release afternoons (11:40a.m. dismissal) in the fall and in the spring for conferences related to Student Progress Reports.  Teachers send out appointment forms in advance, trying whenever possible, to take into account constraints in parents'/guardians' schedules if they are known. Flexibility on the part of parents/guardians in trying to attend at the time scheduled is greatly appreciated. In situations where adults with direct responsibility for a student do not live in the same household and wish to attend a conference, the adults need to arrange a way to inform one another of scheduled conferences. In addition to the regularly scheduled conferences, a parent or teacher may set up other times for phone discussions or conferences as needed. Please contact your child's teacher if you have any questions.

Can I see my child during school?
We are making every effort not to interrupt instructional time. Therefore, parents or other visitors are asked to make appointments to see teachers. You are also asked to leave any items for delivery to children in the office. The principal or staff member will deliver lunches, instruments or other items to classrooms.

What if my child needs to make a phone call?
Emergency calls can be made from the office. Please be sure that your child carries a quarter for the public phone for any calls he/she might need to make. Children should NOT have cell phones in school. Plans should be made the night before for a child visiting another child. Forgotten lunches, homework, musical instruments etc. are not emergency phone calls. 

How do I find out about School Closings or Other Emergencies?
Announcements are given as early as possible over television, radio and the internet.  More information about school closings is available here.

 WHDH School Closing Webpage          FOX25 School Closing Webpage

There will be days on which parents might feel that their children should be kept home because of weather or other unusual reasons. Although such absences are a parental responsibility and will be recorded as absences for the child, school authorities understand such decisions especially when they are implemented with discretion and care.

What about a Delayed Opening? 
The Superintendent will consider a delayed opening of up to 90 minutes as a response to inclement weather or other emergency condition.

When storm conditions are such that road and sidewalks would be safe an hour or an-hour-and-a-half after the usual starting time, but not earlier; such a decision is likely to be made. Any decision to open with a delay will be communicated to the public in the same manner as a no-school announcement.

The announcement will indicate the amount of time the school opening will be delayed -- either one hour later (school will start at 9:40a.m.) or one-and-a-half hours later (school will start at 10:10a.m.). Dismissal at the end of the day will remain the same as usual.

What if there's an Emergency or Last Minute Closing of the School? 
Please note the message from the Superintendent regarding storm days, which can be found on the school calendar. Usually, once school is in session, pupils are not dismissed until the end of the regular school day.

If it becomes necessary to close the school during the school day, pupils will relocate to another location. Parents will be notified of this move as soon as possible by the room parents or other designated people. 

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