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December 20, 2017

Dec 20

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PTO Annual Appeal

Dear Chenery Families,

To all who have made a donation, THANK YOU! It is only with your generous financial support that we are able to have a profound impact on the experience of our students at Chenery.

Please join in supporting amazing experiences.

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation online...

Click Here to Donate Online >>

Or by check.

  • Mail a check payable to “Chenery PTO” to the Chenery PTO, 95 Washington St, Belmont, MA 02478
  • Send your donation through your child’s homeroom teacher

Does your company offer matching funds?
Please investigate and be in touch with us for details!

Questions? Email us at



Amazon Smiles

Wrap-up your holiday shopping at and Amazon donates to Chenery Middle School PTO Inc.


Book fair—This Week December 18-22

The annual Chenery Library Book Fair is going on NOW, December 18-22.

Book Fair hours:

Monday 11am-6pm
Tuesday-Thursday 8am-6pm
Friday 8am-11am

The Book Fair is provided by Best Book Fairs, a small independent, local company. Students, teachers, and parents are invited to come to the Library at any time during school hours and after to browse and purchase books. Support Teacher/Classroom Book Wish Lists—buy a book for a favorite teacher. All proceeds from the book fair are used to purchase books for the Chenery Library!

We are excited to welcome two beloved authors to the Book Fair this year. On Tuesday December 19, Author Varian Johnson will provide writing workshops for all 7th graders, have lunch with interested students, and sign books in the Book Fair from 3-4pm in the Library. On Thursday December 21, Author Chris Tebbetts returns to provide writing workshops for all 6th graders, attend the GSA for a Social Justice meeting, and sign books in the Book Fair from 3-4pm in the Library. Many thanks to our generous PTO and Belmont Against Racism for their continued support of our author program!

If you are unable to attend the Fair, you can still purchase books for the Library from our Belmont Books Chenery Wish List.

Thank you! See you at the Fair!

Chenery Eliminates Styrofoam

Thanks to Dustin O'Brien, Director of Belmont Food Services and Mike McAllister, Principal of the Chenery Middle School, Chenery students now receive their lunches on compostable trays! This change significantly reduces Styrofoam tray usage in the Belmont Public Schools.

Currently BPS uses approximately 260,000 single-use Styrofoam trays per school year. According to the EPA, polystyrene (Styrofoam) accounts for close to 30% of landfill volume, where it can lead to soil and water contamination. In Belmont, we incinerate these trays, along with all other trash and food waste. This introduces carbon dioxide and other toxins to the environment. A full stream—recycling, liquid pour off, tipping and stacking of trays, composting (food and trays), and food recovery—in the Belmont Public Schools, would divert about 85% of the current volume of school trash away from landfills and incinerators. These changes could save Belmont over $80,000 per school year as they would reduce the need for daily trash pickup at each school thus reducing the waste hauling costs. A composting service would pick up food waste and recycle nutrients back to the soil.

The introduction of compostable trays at Chenery and an expanded recycling stream is just the first step in an initiative proposed by the Belmont PTO/PTA Green Alliance to reduce the environmental impact of our schools. The next step is the addition of composting and then extension of the entire expanded stream to all of the Belmont Public Schools.

As stated in the fifth grade science unit about green living-- “Taking care of our planet is necessary and is EVERYONE’S responsibility; The choices we make about how we treat our waste can and will have long term effects; The natural resources of our planet must be protected.” We teach our children to “reduce, reuse and recycle”. These changes are a start on the path to positive change.

Thank you to Mr. McAllister, Mr. Lewis and Mr. Hartunian, and to Gene O’Brien and the Custodians and Cafeteria Staff at Chenery for their support of these ongoing changes. Thank you to Mr. Ligon, Teacher, Grade 6 Science, for his activism and creation of the Trash Bashers (a student group who supervise and assist with recycling in the cafeteria), and to the Chenery students for advocating for change and working to change behaviors and habits.


Student Council Events—Volunteers Needed

Sign up here to assist with Student Council events to be held January—March. Talent Show and Ice Skating Night coming up!

Sign up here to help:

Volunteer at Student Council Events >>

New on the PTO Website

Check out the PTO Website

New links:

Notes from Coffee with the Principal—last held November 30
The PTO Budget—updated

Enrichment Programs

Many wonderful programs are coming up in the new year! Check out the list below:

Lower School Enrichment Programs

Simple Machines Workshops, Grade 5 —January 18-22
Mythmasters, Grade 6 —April 4
Visit from Ben Franklin, Grade 5--June 8

Upper School Enrichment Programs

Museum of Science, Motion, Grade 8—January 3
Arabiqua Performance, Grade 7—January 12
The trial of Anthony Burns, Grade 8—May 31


Community Postings

Belmont High School Building Committee

Hear the latest and join in the discussion! Attend the meetings listed here:

District Configuration Community Discussions: Tuesday, January 9th – 7:00 pm – High School Auditorium

Traffic Presentation and Discussion: Thursday, January 11th – 6:30 pm – Wellington School Cafeteria

Preliminary Design Update from Design Workshop: Tuesday, January 16th – 7:00 pm – Chenery School Community Room

Grade Configuration Selection and Preliminary Design Option Selection: Tuesday, January 23rd – 7:00 pm – Chenery School Community Room

Preferred Schematic Report Presentation: Thursday, February 1st – 6:30 pm – Wellington School Community Room

Preferred Schematic Report Approval: Tuesday, February 13th – 7:00 pm – Chenery School Community Room

For more information:

Green Team News from Mary Beth Calnan, Town of Belmont Recycling Coordinator

Did you know that Americans throw out an extra million tons of trash per week from Thanksgiving to Christmas? During this time I hope that Belmont residents will be mindful of this fact and make an effort to reduce their trash. Below are suggestions for your convenience:

Wrapping paper and gift bags can be reused and recycled.

Please do not use wrapping paper or gift bags made out of glitter or foil. These items look pretty, but can not be recycled.

Holiday cards can be reused and recycled.

Just as foil or glittered wrapping paper can’t be recycled neither can cards. Holiday cards can be saved and used as gift tags for the following year. Or try sending holiday cards electronically as a paperless option this year.

Be conscious of the packaging that gifts come in.

If your purchase comes in excessive packaging look for a different brand or send an email to the company expressing your disappointment with the amount of natural resources, energy and money wasted on ineffective packaging. Please do not put cardboard boxes curbside with the inside packaging inside. Empty the box and flatten. Styrofoam can be placed in the trash and plastic film can be brought to the supermarket and recycled with plastic grocery bags.

Cardboard and catalogues can be recycled.

With online shopping gaining in popularity more households are being inundated with cardboard boxes. According to 90 % of all products are shipped in cardboard. Please recycle by breaking down boxes no larger than 3’ x 3’ sections and placing under the bin or bundling together (no higher than 9 inches). When in doubt about placing it curbside, consider if the recycling crew can easily grip and fit it in the truck. All catalogues and junk mail can be recycled and if you want to reduce the amount arriving to your home go to the websites or for instructions.

Lastly, think about buying a gift that is environmentally friendly.

A reusable coffee mug or water bottle will help cut down on plastic water bottles and disposable coffee cups for commuters. Some coffee shops are offering a ‘bottomless mug’ program that can be purchased as a gift. Reusable lunch bags and sandwich bags are great gifts for school-age children that will save on money and natural resources. Decorative reusable grocery bags can be used as a gift bag and then later to hold groceries. Other gift ideas that require little packaging include tickets to the movies, theater, passes to a museum or gift cards.

Happy Holidays and please remember to reduce, reuse and then recycle during this time as well as throughout the year. Thanks for recycling, improving the environment and quality of life for all!

Cardboard Recycling Event

For those cardboard boxes that are larger than 3 feet please store until the end of December. The DPW will collect cardboard from 9:00am to noon on Saturday, December 30 at the Town Yard, 37 C St. All you have to do is flatten, no cutting down. Any questions or suggestions, please contact Mary Beth Calnan/Belmont Recycling Coordinator at or 617-993-2689.


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