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Chenery Staff Appreciation Treat Week Begins November 28

Sep 13

9/13/2011 10:43 AM  RssIcon

"No one can do everything, but everyone can do something." Did you ever wish you could do something to thank your child's teachers, but then feel overwhelmed because there are so many people to thank? Here's a solution to that dilemma! PTO's 3rd Annual Chenery Staff Appreciation Treat Week will be held the week after Thanksgiving, November 28 December 2, 2011. It's a perfect opportunity to do "a little something" to create a fun and delicious week for all the Chenery staff.

It's easy to participate in this! Parents or students can drop off donations to the Staff Dining Room (across the hall from the cafeteria) anytime during the school day. The staff enjoys a wide range of treats - bowls of whole fruit (apples, strawberries, clementines, etc.), boxes of coffee or hot chocolate, home baked goods, quiche, veggies & dip, ice cream bars (limited freezer space available), case of bottled water/soda/iced tea, roll up sandwiches, M&Ms, appetizers, cupcakes, fruit salad, candy, cheese & crackers, salsa & chips, coffee cake, etc. So many possibilities!

Last year some families included lovely notes to accompany their treats. There's no structured donation schedule - if you bake something over the holiday weekend, send it in on Monday. If you forget until Thursday night, grab something quick at the store & send it in on Friday. Any store has possibilities - Shaw's, Costco, Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, even CVS (bags of candy). Please participate to thank all members of Chenery’s staff for the many ways that they impact our children's Chenery experience.

Please contact Meg Piccione with any questions or offers of help at or 617-484-1991.

Thank you in anticipation of your generosity to the Chenery staff.

~ Chenery PTO

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