PTO Clubs

PTO Clubs

The spring session of the Chenery PTO Clubs begins on Monday, April 23rd. Clubs generally meet once a week after school for one hour, however a handful do have slightly different schedules. Most clubs run for 6 weeks for the spring session. 

PREVIEW WEEK (3/27-4/2)

Between now and April 2nd, we offer a preview of the clubs so you are prepared for registration. Please note, we will continue to add clubs if they become available between now and registration. The link for preview and registration is https://chenery.

The club schedule, as of today, is as follows:

  • Monday (Classes start April 23): Hand Embroidery 2: The Sequel, Introduction to Wrestling, Knitting Club - Level 1, Restaurant Wars Club (5-week course) 

  • Tuesday (Classes start April 24): Rowing Club, Civilization*, Masterpiece Studio!*, Rugby Club, Sewing Club, Lego Club (5-week course starting May 1), Rock Climbing Club

  • Thursday (Classes start April 26): Masterpiece Studio!*, Cards for a Cause, Volleyball Club

  • Friday (Classes start April 27): Civilization*, CO2 Car Club (5-week course)

*Students should only sign up for one session of Civilization (either Tuesday or Friday) and one session of Masterpiece Studio! (either Tuesday or Thursday). 


Registration officially opens on Tuesday, April 3rd at 7 am. The registration process is as follows:

  • Registration will be on a first come, first serve basis.

  • Payment by MasterCard or Visa will be required during the initial registration, unless a student is placed on the waitlist or requesting financial assistance. Waitlist families will only pay if a space becomes available.

  • Registration will close on April 11th or sooner if all spaces are filled.  There is a waitlist option, so if a club is full, you can still sign up and see if a space becomes available. We do have movement off the waitlist each session.

  • Financial Assistance may be available (approval by Chenery Administration), but is limited to 1 club per student.

Detailed information about each club is on the registration website: https://chenery.

Further questions?  Please contact Rita Butzer Carpenter, Maura Fennelly and JJ Rohrer at