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Enrichment Programs

2017 - 2018 In-School Enrichment Programs

PTO Upper and Lower School Enrichment Coordinators are pulling together a fantastic slate of enrichment programs for the 2017—2018 school year.  Nearly half of all PTO funds are used to support this programming.  Your generous financial support of the PTO Annual Appeal makes it possible.  Thank you!
Below is a tentative outline of programming planned:

Grade 5

  • Julie Berry visit
  • Simple Machines - January 2018
  • Visit by Ben Franklin - June 2018

Grade 6

  • Electricity - December 2017
  • Mythmasters - April 2018 

Grade 7

  • Arabiqua  - A program about Arab music and dance - mid-December 2017
  • Museum of Science - Heat and Temperature workshop - February 2018

Grade 8

  • Museum of Science - Motion, Speed & Velocity workshop - mid-December 2017
  • Trial of Anthony Burns - interactive mock trial about the enforcement of the fugitive slave law in pre-Civil War America - May 2018
  • Music of Social Change – program encouraging students to make connections between American history and the world we live in today - May 2018
Additionally, our Author Programs Coordinator is making arrangements, in coordination with the Chenery Librarian, for several amazing visits.  Details coming soon!

Author JULIE BERRY Visits Chenery

Julie Berry, author of The Scandalous Sisters of Prickwillow Place and over 15 other titles, visited our fifth grade students for a 3-day series of point-of-view writing workshops. Ms. Berry’s books have been recognized as Horn Book Fanfare titles and New York Times Notable Titles.

In addition to working with students in their classrooms, Ms. Berry also conducted an interactive all-grade assembly about how to write a fiction story. Students learned resourceful ways of finding ideas and developing characters and plots.

Thank you to our Librarian, Karen Duff. The PTO supports Ms. Berry’s visit through our Enrichment Author Programs.