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School Report Cards

Academic Progress /Report Cards

Report Cards will be posted to your PlusPortal account of Chenery ParentPlus

  • After you have logged in, select "ELocker" and then 
  • the "EPortfolio" tab and you should be able to view and print them. 

The report card can also be viewed through your student’s account. Please note that report cards are not currently available via the app. Account activation information was emailed to every parent in September. If you need it resent or are having difficulty accessing your account, please contact Nicole Femino ( ) on Monday. Any questions concerning a grade should be directed to your student’s teacher.

Report Cards

In grade 5, Pupil Evaluation Forms are completed three times a year. These either are hand-carried home, given to your parents at the fall conference or mailed home. The grades used are:

H = producing high quality work consistently
S = progressing satisfactorily
N = improvement needed
N/A = not applicable

Grade Scale for Letter Grades

A+        97.00     B+     87.00        C+     77.00         D+     67.00         F     59.00

A          93.00     B       83.00        C        73.00         D       63.00

A -        90 .00    B -     80.00        C -      70.00         D-      60.00

School Counselors

The counselors assist you in many ways. They enjoy meeting with you to see how you are doing both academically and socially within the school atmosphere. School counselors are good people to talk to if you have a problem or a question.

  • Ms. Hawkins, Mr. Lipomi, and Mr. Quinn all work with students in grade five
  • Mr. Quinn works with all students and teachers in grade eight
  • Mr. Lipomi works with all students and teachers in grade six
  • Ms. Hawkins works with all students and teachers in grade seven

School and District Report Cards

Report Cards are available on the district web site:

We encourage you to become involved in helping us improve our schools and district. Some of the ways you can become involved are:

  • Encouraging your child’s learning at home
  • Attending parent-teacher meetings and other special meetings
  • Serving as a volunteer in our school or district
  • Encouraging other parents to become involved

School report cards are available in all school offices, the Superintendent's office, the Town Clerk's office, and the Belmont Public Library. If you have questions or would like additional information, please contact Janice Darias, Assistant Superintendent, at (617) 993-5410.