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Apr 4

Wednesday, April 04, 2012  RssIcon

Dear Elementary and Chenery METCO Parents,

Does your child have a Host Family in Belmont?  Would you like them to?

Host Families provide an opportunity for your child to participate in extra curricula school activities, for them to have a place to go, in Belmont when there are activities after school and in the evening, for overnights when there are school dances or weekend activities.  There are literally thousands of families in Massachusetts who have become lifelong friends of residents of their METCO School District as a result of this program, and it is time for METCO families of Belmont to become actively involved.

The Boston/Belmont Friends Committee is planning a day at the Franklin Park Zoo, suggesting Saturday, May 12, 2012.  The committee has sent an email to you and so far there has been no response from Boston Families. 

The Family/Friends organizations are in every METCO School District and are there for the purpose of families from both communities developing relationships.  Our children make friends in their school and classroom, and it is a wonderful experience for parents to make friends as well.  My brother is 55 and still has a relationship with his Marblehead Host Family.  He and my mother visit them in Florida regularly.

Let’s get together to build an active Boston/Belmont Family/Friends with this event.  Please contact Elizabeth Khan at & Carol Sabia at  The website for the organization is

I look forward to seeing you at the Zoo!!

Diane Wiltshire

METCO Director


617-993-5909 fax

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