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Alternate Dismissal Plans

At Chenery we have an Alternative Dismissal Plan in the event of an unexpected change in our usual dismissal and an unexpected cancellation of after school activities or events.  This Plan may be implemented for a variety of reasons such as a facilities problem or inclement weather.  

 Please review the plan carefully and consider how it impacts your household, what individualized instructions your student(s) will require in advance, impact on babysitters, nannies, tutors etc:

Alternative Dismissal Plan -- an announcement will be made via ListServ or other electronic communication and whenever possible also with an automated phone call and PA announcement in school.  Cancellation of after school activities and clubs are generally included with Alternative Dismissal Plans and will also be shared via the ListServ.

Students will be dismissed as follows:

  • All bus students will report to buses
  • All non-bus students (walkers, pick up) will exit at Washington Street
  • Students required to meet siblings or walking-partners will first report to the gymnasium to meet and then will be dismissed to Washington Street
  • Any student unsure of dismissal plans will meet with adults in the gymnasium to determine a plan
  • BASEC* students will report to the cafeteria to be supervised by BASEC teachers
  • If Alternate Dismissal happens on an Extended Day for Boston students:
    • Students from Boston* will report to the large community room to meet with Ms. Wiltshire and Mr. Mondesir and then will either be directed to their EXTENDED DAY location OR to the bus

*Only under very unusual circumstances will BASEC after school and Boston student’s Extended Day be cancelled.   In the event of Extended Day cancellation or BASEC closing, specific and individual communications will be made providing parents with relevant information. 

Considerations for parents, guardians, and care providers:

•   Picking up:  Be sure your student(s) knows where to meet:

•    Should they wait out front of the school?

•    Do you expect them to meet you at a specific parking location or side street? 

This is individualized to your student and should be discussed with your student and all adults involved in pick up.

•   Siblings and walking-partners: 

•   Only siblings and/or walking-partners required to meet should report to the gymnasium at dismissal.

•     Be certain your student knows your individual expectations for walking home.

•   Dismissing your student before the regular time: 

•   Please avoid coming to school just before dismissal to 'early' dismiss your student. 

•   Before dismissal is a congested time of the day; we must limit additional pull on staff as we prepare for the largest transition of the day. 


•   Students unsure of plans: 

•   We will always keep students safely at school for as long as needed. 

•   If a student is unsure of plans we are overly cautious and will first contact a parent or care giver before dismissing. 

•   This can be an added stress or inconvenience for parents but ensures that a student does not leave without a safe plan.

•   In the dismissal process we ask for your patience if/when we err on the side of caution.