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Our First Grade Rain Forest Research          
Anteater Basilisk Lisard Black Caiman
J. L.
  W. E. S.
Basilisk Lizard
  E. R. A. G.
Black Caiman
Emerald Tree Boa   Harpy Eagle   Howler Monkey  
  B. M. P.
Emerald Tree Boa
  N. M. R.
Harpy Eagle
  C. G. M.
Howler Monkey
  Homming Bird   Iguana   Jaguar  
  E. N. A.
Humming Bird
  C. D. P.
  T. J. S.
  Margay   Poison Arrow Frog   Red- Eyed Frog  
  J. D. M.
  J. P. U.
Poison Arrow Frog
  S. F. R.
Red-Eyed Frog
  Scarlet Macaw   Sloth   Tapir  
  E. G. S.
Scarlet Macaw
  L. M. L.
  J. D. E.
  Tarantula   Toucan   White Faced Capuchin  
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A. L. G.
  P. M. Q.
  M. P. D.
White Faced Capuchin
© 2002. Belmont Public Schools. This rain forest web site was developed by Natasha Bochkov, Donna LaRoche, John Pang, Anne Payne and Robin Ratcliff and the Winn Brook School First Grade Rain Forest Scientists in room 100.