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Tropical Rain Forest Web Sites
Recommended by Donna LaRoche

Excellent Resources for Families

  1. Jungle Photos
  2. Animals Of The Rainforest
  3. Zoom Rainforest
  4. Amaz˘nia Fun Quest
  5. Rainforest Live
  6. Toucan Sam's Rain Forest
  7. Rain Forest Sounds
  8. Journey Into Amazonia PBS
  9. National Geographic

Excellent Resources for Teachers

  1. Rainforest Information and Resources Portal
  2. ThinkQuest Library of Entries.
  3. Zoom School. On-line elementary school classroom
  4. The Passport to Knowledge
  5. Rain Bird
  6. Educational Web Adventures
  8. The
  9. The Rainforest Alliance
  10. Rain Forest Splendor
  11. The Rainforest Biome
  12. ProTeacher! Rainforests lesson plans for elementary school teachers
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