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 Belgian Amateur Radio Station OQ6AA Princess Elisabeth 25 October  2001 Belgium

Pictures: Princess Mathilde holding Princess Elisabeth (left); Prince  Phillippe holding Princess Elisabeth; Princess Mathilde and Prince Philippe with Princess Elisabeth. Royal Seal of Belgium




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Belgian Amateur Radio Station OQ6AA  Their Royal Highnesses Prince  Phillippe and Princess Mathilde H.R.H. Princess Elisabeth, born in  Anderlecht on 25 October 2001

Picture of ham radio operator in front of equipment: Prove. WV - WWLoc: = JO11JD - WAZ 14 - ITU 27

TRX: YAESU FT 1000 MP + TL-922  ANT: KLM KT-34XA 10-15 -20M CUSHCRAFT = A3WS 12-17-30M SLOPERS 40-80M  TRX: KENWOOD TS-790 E 2M/70/23CM  ANT: 17 = el CUSHCRAFT  10-X #71004 - VP 3159

W1HAI    Date: 15 Dec 2001  UTC: 16:27  Band 10m RST 59  2X SSB

Pse QSL 73 de Marc ON6AA

ON6AA - Marc Haverals

Lombardsijdelaan 183, B-8434 Westende Belgium

Thanks, 73.



Message from Mr. Joe Weisse

This card demonstrates how proud Marc is of his country and the birth of Princess Elisabeth. 


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