Front of QSL Card

W1EWN Natick, Massachusetts USA


Back of QSL Card

These are a few of the many photographs being considered for spec  QSL for town's 350th anniversary. Show are: Town Common with dogwood trees blooming and bandstand, April 1997 (top left); autumn color at Fiske Pond (right), named for a founder; and the Charles River dam and park, site of the John Eliot settlement in the 1600s, after a sleet  storm, March 1995 (bottom left)

W1EWN confirming QSO with W1HAI.  Date: 1/15/98  UTC: 0140  MHz: 147.42  RST: 59  2 Way: FM   vy 73s de Jim. Congrats on new call! JC


Message from Mr. Joe Weisse

“Through ham radio you meet people who live anywhere around the world and  on your street. Jim, who lives down the street, took the photographs and  made his own card. This shows three places in the town where we live and this was just one card that he sent to hams during the 350th anniversary  of Natick.” - Joe Weisse


©Natasha Bochkov, M.C.S., Martin Bayes, Ph.D., and Donna LaRoche, M.Ed.