Hi there my name is Bob Gorman.

My call sign is : WA1S CH

I have been a Amateur (Ham) Radio operator for over 30 years! Here is my story!


When I was about 8 or 9 years old in Cub Scouts I got excited reading about

Short Wave listening  in Boys Life Magazine.


     About age 12 my Mom and Dad bought me an Hallacrafters S-38e Receiver! I remember stringing up an antenna in my back yard and building my listening post in the corner of my clothes closet! I used to stay up late at night listening to signals from all over the  world including  the BBC, Radio Moscow and the foreign Broadcasts of the US Voice of America! I also would pick up signals on the 20 meter AM band!! It was really something!!!


     My father was a career Army officer and I lived in Germany as a youth! He took me to visit the US Army MARS (Military Amateur Radio Station) and I saw the most beautiful equipment I had ever seen in my life and I fell in love with it! Later in my life I had the opportunity to purchase the same kind of equipment!  You will see it in the picture of my beloved Collins Radio equipment have included  with this article!!


     About 1973 I became a Novice Ham Radio Operator. My call sign was WN1SCH. A

year later I passed the General  Amateur Radio Exam and became WA1SCH . A call

sign that I still hold to this day!!


     Ham Radio for me is many, many things. I have made many wonderful friends with Ham Radio! I have also enjoyed my involvement with Boy Scouts to  introduce Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts to Ham Radio.


     I have also had a wonderful Mobile ham Station in my Jeep which has been very

exciting!  Using Single Side Band one night in the span of 30 minutes I spoke to the South Pole, New Zealand , Argentina and the island of Barbados while I was traveling on Interstate 95 in North Carolina on my way to Florida!   WOW!!! Now that was exciting!


     Currently I am involved in QRP: meaning under 5 watts or less of transmission

power!  I get a kick out of taking my little tiny radio that fits into a brief case

into the field and making contacts!


     My main way of communicating is through Morse Code! Its easy to learn and is  fun to use on the air with other Hams around the world!


     Ham Radio for me is a life long hobby that I thoroughly enjoy!! Good luck with your interest in Ham Radio.  


73 (Best Wishes)

Bob Gorman



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©Natasha Bochkov, M.C.S., Martin Bayes, Ph.D., and Donna LaRoche, M.Ed.

Here is a photo of Mr. Robert

Gorman’s shack!