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Letís Meet Dr. Norbert E. Yankielun, WA1O


At about age 5 my uncle Ed gave me an old army surplus J-38 telegraph key as a curio.  It is still in use in my ham shack more than 50 years later! 

This is the J-38 telegraph key that was given to me by my Uncle Ed.

At about the same time my Dad built a crystal radio for me (I still have it Ė and it still works!).  Mom and Dad would put me to bed every night listening to local AM radio on a pair of headphones. 

At around that same age while I was learning to write and spell, my Mom somehow picked up on the Morse Code as a teaching tool.   She would test my abilities by quizzing me.  "Spell CAT" she might say and I would have to respond with the letters C_A_T -- and then dah _dit_dah_dit/ dit_dah / dah" She didn't know the code herself but kept a copy of the alphabet handy on an index card. 

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