Materials and Procedure

1. Print out a copy of this poem.

2. Instruct children to read it individually and to share it in a choral read.

3. Ask students  to illustrate the poem with their very own world map! 

4. Enjoy!



Continents of the World

By A.A. Anderson


Illustrated by _____________________________



To learn the seven continents,

Think of the letter “A”

And when you’re down to only one,

An “E” will save the day.

There’s Africa, Antarctica,

Australia,  Asia too.

The oceans run between them

With their waters deep and blue.

There are also two Americas-

North and South, you see.

Now we’re coming to the end-

Europe starts with “E”!


©Natasha Bochkov, M.C.S., Martin Bayes, Ph.D., and Donna LaRoche, M.Ed.