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Compass Guide Poem


Materials and Procedure

Print a copy of the poem for each student.

Instruct the children to read it individually and to share it in a choral read.

Ask the children to illustrate the poem with their very own compass rose designs.†




Compass Guide Poem†

(By Anonymous)

How do we know
Which way to go?
Look at the magnet
and it will show.

North, south, east or west,
For finding directions it is the best.

How does it work?
Itís as simple as can be.
The planetís biggest magnet is itself, you see.

The biggest, and strongest magnet of all.
Compared to it, all others are quite small.

Because of its size, itís pull is so strong
that all other magnets are pulled along.
Try as they might, for all that theyíre worth,
Magnets canít help but point toward north.

So the next time youíre lost
without a clue,
Let a magnet find your way
to rescue you.



First Grade HAMstersí Compass Rose Designs