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QSL Cards (Flag Glossary) and (Types of Flags)   (Countries of the World Flags)

Common Prefixes of Countries Chart

Atlas Books



1. Working in learning buddy pairs, students select and read the physical and cultural landscape depicted on their QSL cards.  The QSL cards may be thematic such as . . . island countries, land-locked countries, countries in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere, similar language countries, countries from the same continent, etc. or they may be randomly selected from the class collection.

2. Students locate the QSL country prefix on the Common Prefixes of Countries Chart and record the prefix code and country name on the chart below.

3. Using atlas books, students research and draw the country flag.

4. Students compare and contrast findings.  Are there commonalities and differences in prefix codes?  Why or why not?



Common Prefix of Countries

By Donna LaRoche


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