Front of QSL Card

Postmark: Marconi 1903-2003 The spark of global communications  Marconi = Station, So. Wellfleet, MA 02663 January 18, 2003

Back of QSL Card 

The 100th Anniversary of Gugielmo Marconi's First Wireless Telegraph  transmission between the United States and Europe will be on January 18,  2003.  From atop high, sandy cliffs overlooking the Atlantic, Marconi transmitted a simple 54 word greeting from President Theodore Roosevelt to Great Britain's King Edward VII.  Within hours, the King acknowledged receiving the message, and the spark of global communications began.   Joe, Thought you would enjoy this commemorative postmark from Marconi = Station!  73's Jim N1YRM


Message from Mr. Joe Weisse

“Each generation has its inventors, risk-takers and people who push through the boundaries to open a whole new world. If it were not for the  determination, sacrifice and expense that people like Guglielmo Marconi  made, we would not have the vast communication networks that we depend on today. This card illustrates how important it is to remember these  courageous individuals and protect historic places where we can visit and appreciate our heritage.” -Joe Weisse


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