Ms. LaRoche’s First Grade HAMsters’ Imaginary

“Call Signs”, 2007-2008


(Note: Alphanumerical groups after names of hams are their U.S. Federal Communications Commission or foreign government-issued amateur radio license call signs.  Ms. Donna LaRoche, KB1LWY, teacher of the first grade HAMsters, is a licensed ham. Our class created these imaginary call signs by using the United States prefix and the children’s initials!)


Zoe:  KB1ZA

Larissa:  KB1LB

Megan:  KB1MB

Michael:  KB1MB

Jesse:  KB1JB


Clare:  KB1CC

Phoebe:  KB1PD

Emily:  KB1ED

Paul:  KB1PE

Gabriel: KB1GF


Avery:  KB1AG

Kaitlyn:  KB1KH

Brendan:  KB1BH

Ruiqi:  KB1RH

Isabelle:  KB1IK


Michael:  KB1MM

Nathan:  KB1NP

Madeline:  KB1MP

Colomba:  KB1CP

Mitchell:  KB1MP

Andrea:  KB1AR

Sam:  KB1SY

©Natasha Bochkov, M.C.S., Martin Bayes, Ph.D., and Donna LaRoche, M.Ed.