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Burbank School Newsletter, June 14, 2019

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Dear Burbank Families,

We had three wonderful assemblies this morning, which included the “End of Year” assembly for grade K-2, and then a separate assembly for grades 3-4, and finally our “Fourth Grade Moving On” ceremony. Thank you to all of the parents for attending, to the staff for helping to prepare the students for this morning’s songs, and a special thank you to Kate Hayashi our music teacher.

It has been a wonderful eight years here at Burbank for me as the principal. I have enjoyed working with all of the families, the great teachers, and the students! I’ve been able to enjoy watching your children grow, and consider myself very lucky!

I hope you all have a safe, restful and fun summer!


Dr. Clifford

Dates to Remember

  • Monday, June 17: LAST DAY OF SCHOOL – EARLY RELEASE 11:40 dismissal
  • Last Day of School – EARLY RELEASE 11:40 Dismissal
  • Monday, June 17 is the last day of school. Please mark this date on your calendar. All students will be released from school at 11:40 a.m. No lunches are served. There will be no BASEC program on the last day of school.

Classroom Assignments for 2019-2020

  • K Ms. Hurwitz 204
  • K Mrs. Cox 211
  • K Ms. Chalmers 210
  • K Ms. Talbot 202
  • Gr. 1 Mrs. Atlas 201
  • Gr. 1 TBA 203
  • Gr. 1 Mrs. Johnston 102
  • Gr. 1 Ms. Weinstein 209
  • Gr. 2 Ms. Oliphant 112
  • Gr. 2 Ms. Normile 302
  • Gr. 2 Mr. Mongeau 303
  • Gr. 2 Mrs. Caritey 214
  • Gr. 3 Mrs. Pierson 306
  • Gr. 3 Mrs. Flaherty 307
  • Gr. 3 Ms. Costa 304
  • Gr. 3 Mrs. O’Sullivan 308
  • Gr. 4 Mr. von Huene 4
  • Gr. 4 Mr. Gallant 3
  • Gr. 4 Mrs. Ames 2
  • Gr. 4 Ms. Stoppel 1
  • Art: Mrs. Pond
  • P.E.: Mrs. Crow
  • Music: Ms. Hayashi
  • Art: Mrs. Pond

Drop Off and Pick Up Reminder

(This is an excerpt from the Burbank Family Handbook, which all families should review at the beginning of the school year-it can be found on the Burbank website)

There are potential problems when children get dropped off or picked up.

  • Some children run across the street to get from the car to school or from school to the car. Make sure your child gets on the sidewalk and uses the crosswalk at Sharpe and at Gale Roads, and every street crossing.
  • Cars should not stop in the middle of the road to pick up or drop off a child. This is very dangerous, backs up traffic and has potential for accidents.
  • Double parking on Sharpe Road does not allow busses or other cars to get by and causes backups and potential accidents. Parking on the curve is illegal, as posted.
  • Cars should not block stairs, ramp entrances, or crosswalks.
  • Please do not park between the “No Parking” signs on Gale Rd. in the drop off area. This area is designated for parents to drop their students off, onto the sidewalk and then pull out without parking their car. This enables other parents to pull in and drop their children off too. It is also helpful if parents do not park on the opposite side of the street, as cars may tend to pull out into the road at the same time causing an accident.

No Dogs Allowed On School Grounds

The town by-law reads: “No dogs will be allowed under any circumstances in the following areas of town: all cemetery land, all public school playgrounds and athletic fields and all recreation department playgrounds and athletic fields.” At the Burbank School, the “playgrounds” include the area around the play structures and the entire blacktop area. In addition, we request that dogs be kept away from all entrances and pathways during morning arrival time, throughout the school day, and during afternoon dismissal time.

PTA News

Pitch in and create something good-- be a PTA Co-chair next school year!

Why give some of your valuable time to the PTA?

  • -- To benefit your child
  • -- To improve and build community at our school
  • -- Because it’s FUN!

The PTA is a completely volunteer run organization. Every year we run multiple programs at the Burbank that make a difference and enhance the school community. Make a BIG difference with even a SMALL contribution of your time, skills and talents. Please take a look at our VOLUNTEER INTEREST FORM ( for more information about the positions available and to indicate your interest. Expressing interest now is not a commitment – once we hear from you, we will provide more information and answer your questions before you make your final decision. We invite you to participate during the 2019-2020 school year.

posted: June 14, 2019 by webmaster
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