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Burbank School Newsletter, March 30, 2018

We Strive for Love of Learning, Respect and Well Being

Learn Think Create Serve

Dear Burbank Families,

One of the most important tasks that we perform in preparation for the next school year is the development of class lists. Our process for this is similar to that used in the other elementary schools in Belmont. Our objective is to establish classes which are balanced in a number of respects. These include girl/boy ratios, language and math performance, special needs, separation of certain students and other considerations which impact a well-balanced class.

The process involves current classroom teachers, specialists, the guidance counselor, learning support specialists and the principal. We also ask the teacher from the previous year and receiving teachers to review the proposed class lists.

As parents, you may have information you think is important for us to consider before we determine class placements. Comments about a child’s exceptional strengths, special needs, family situations or other key issues would be appropriate. This year’s teacher will receive a copy and I will summarize the information and forward it to the members of the grade level placement teams. Please understand that we will consider the information you provide, but must use our judgment in determining the most important factors in class placements. Please note that requests for specific teachers cannot be accepted. Also, please do not request that your child be placed with specific friends. Please be assured that the teachers monitor which children appear to play and learn well together and make appropriate matches.

It is not expected or necessary for every parent to submit a letter. We will give full consideration to each child’s placement, whether or not a letter is received. If you feel a letter is needed please write to me by Friday, April 13th. If you submitted a letter last year and want the same information considered again this year, please submit a new letter.

Once class lists are established you will be notified in mid-July by mail. If you have any further questions concerning placement, please feel free to contact me. If you are moving and will not be at Burbank next year for any reason, please let us know as soon as possible.


Tricia Clifford, Ed.D

Dates to Remember

  • Thursday, April 5: Multicultural Night
  • April 16-20: NO SCHOOL – Vacation Week
  • Thursday, May 3 & Friday May 4: No School for Kindergarteners
  • Monday, May 28: NO SCHOOL – Memorial Day
  • Wednesday, May 30: EARLY RELEASE DAY – 11:40 dismissal Friday Schedule

MCAS 2018 Burbank School Schedule

April 2017 ELA

Friday, April 6th: Grade 3 ELA session 1

Monday, April 9th: Grade 3 ELA session 2

Tuesday, April 10th: Grade 4 ELA session 1

Thursday, April 12th: Grade 4 ELA session 2

May 2017 Mathematics

Friday, May 11th: Grade 3 Math session 1

Monday, May 14th: Grade 3 Math session 2

Tuesday, May 15th: Grade 4 Math session 1

Thursday, May 17th: Grade 4 Math session 2

Modular Update

As many of you know, a few of the trees along the driveway have been cut down. This was done in order to prepare for the work that will happen this summer to install the modular classrooms. The driveway will be widen, creating a safer entrance and exit to the school for cars, and to comply with code requirements. Over April vacation there will be work done on the driveway and parking lot to bring needed utility lines up to the modular area. When students return after April vacation we will be able to use the blacktop, as normal. In June, after school gets out, the actual construction processes will begin, and happen throughout the summer. As always, if you have any questions about this, please let me know.

Dr. Clifford

Students Who Are Tardy

School begins at 8:40am every day. Any student who arrives after 8:40am. is marked tardy. If your child is tardy it has an impact on the class when your child needs time to be part of the class after everything has started.

Coverage on the Black Top begins at 8:25am. Students can arrive any time after 8:25am. At 8:35am. the bell rings and children are brought into the building. If a child is tardy parents should bring the student to the office. Parents should not bring the tardy child to the classroom. When both a parent and a student arrive to a classroom late it only adds to the confusion. Please make every effort to get your child(ren) to school on time.

Outstanding Teacher Award

The Foundation for Belmont Education is excited to announce the 2018 Outstanding Teacher Awards. This program recognizes and celebrates the extraordinary contributions made by teachers in the Belmont Public Schools.

Nominations are currently being accepted for these awards. Belmont parents and community members, Belmont Public School colleagues, and high school and middle school students can submit nominations for teachers - of any grade, subject, or specialty - who deserve this special recognition.

Teachers from Belmont’s six schools are chosen for this award. Each award winner will be honored at a surprise celebration at their school and at a district-wide awards ceremony to be held on May 1st at the Chenery Middle School.

Nominate an Outstanding Teacher Today!

Nomination Criteria and Online Nomination Form (submit before March 31, 2018):

For more information:


Extended Absences From School

Parents should know that students who miss more than 15 consecutive days of school without a medical exemption will be inactivated from the school roster. Parents will need to re-register once the child returns. We cannot guarantee that your child will be placed in Burbank. Placement will be determined by the numbers across town.

Lost & Found Procedure

Due to the large volume of items in the lost and found and the fact that we don’t have the space to accommodate all of these items, the lost and found box is emptied at the beginning of every month. Please make sure to check the lost and found as soon as you notice something is missing.

Drop Off and Pick Up Reminder

(This is an excerpt from the Burbank Family Handbook, which all families should review at the beginning of the school year-it can be found on the Burbank website)

There are potential problems when children get dropped off or picked up.

  • Some children run across the street to get from the car to school or from school to the car. Make sure your child gets on the sidewalk and uses the crosswalk at Sharpe and at Gale Roads, and every street crossing.
  • Cars should not stop in the middle of the road to pick up or drop off a child. This is very dangerous, backs up traffic and has potential for accidents.
  • Double parking on Sharpe Road does not allow busses or other cars to get by and causes backups and potential accidents. Parking on the curve is illegal, as posted.
  • Cars should not block stairs, ramp entrances, or crosswalks.
  • Please do not park between the “No Parking” signs on Gale Rd. in the drop off area. This area is designated for parents to drop their students off, onto the sidewalk and then pull out without parking their car. This enables other parents to pull in and drop their children off too. It is also helpful if parents do not park on the opposite side of the street, as cars may tend to pull out into the road at the same time causing an accident.

No Dogs Allowed On School Grounds

The town by-law reads: “No dogs will be allowed under any circumstances in the following areas of town: all cemetery land, all public school playgrounds and athletic fields and all recreation department playgrounds and athletic fields.” At the Burbank School, the “playgrounds” include the area around the play structures and the entire blacktop area. In addition, we request that dogs be kept away from all entrances and pathways during morning arrival time, throughout the school day, and during afternoon dismissal time.

PTA News

Got time? Got skills? Be a Helper

Burbank Multicultural Fair

Thursday, April 5th

Whether you have a half hour or two hours, whether you want to prepare materials at home or help on the day of the event, volunteers are much appreciated and essential. A small contribution of your time and talent can help make this colorful event a big success!


Questions? Contact the Multicultural Fair Co-Chairs: Seetha Burtner (, Patricia Wolff (, or Narine Van Hal (

Event details:

Thursday, April 5th from 6:30-8:30p

Burbank Cafeteria and Gym


Avalon Ballroom Dance

The Belmont HS 9th Grade Jazz Group


Burbank teachers Jenn Ellis and Meghan Gallagher

posted: March 30, 2018 by webmaster
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