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Burbank School Newsletter, November 10, 2017

We Strive for Love of Learning, Respect and Well Being

Learn      Think      Create      Serve

Dear Burbank Families,
We were very fortunate this morning to have several Belmont veterans join us for a Veteran’s Day Program in the cafeteria.  The fourth grade students did an outstanding job of singing many songs, which the veteran’s enjoyed.  Thank you to Kate Hayashi our wonderful music teacher, and to the fourth grade teachers.  I am always so impressed with the collaborative efforts that happen here at Burbank-we have wonderful teachers who take the time and effort to teach students songs, and we have students who are respectful, and really care about their country and world!  
Have a great weekend-enjoy the cold weather, and time with family and friends!
Dr. Clifford
Dates to Remember

  • Monday, November 13: PTA Meeting 8:40-10:00am. In the cafeteria 
  • Thursday, November 16: Library Night- 6:30-8:00 
  • Saturday, November 18: Fall Landscape Cleanup
  • Tuesday, November 21: PICTURE RE-TAKE DAY
  • Wednesday, November 22: EARLY RELEASE DAY – Thanksgiving Break-Wed. schedule 
  • Friday, December 8: Burbank Book Fair
  • Friday, December 22: Winter Assembly – K,1, & 2 - 9:00-9:30 3 & 4 - 10:00-10:30am
  • December 25 - January 1: NO SCHOOL – Winter Recess
  • Monday, January 15: NO SCHOOL – Martin Luther King Day
  • Friday, January 25: Burbank Skating Party at the Belmont Skating Rink on Concord Ave.
New Lost & Found Procedure 
Due to the large volume of items in the lost and found and the fact that we don’t have the space to accommodate all of these items, the lost and found box will be emptied at the beginning of every month.  Please make sure to check the lost and found as soon as you notice something is missing.
Picture Re-Takes – Tuesday, November 21st 
Tuesday, November 21 is picture re-take day.  If you are unhappy with your child’s school picture, or your child was absent on picture day, please inform your child’s teacher that she/he needs a re-take.  Send your child to school on Tuesday the 21st with a smile and the complete packet of photos you wish to have redone, or a completed order form with payment if he/she has not yet been photographed.  Extra order forms are available from Mrs. Sacca in the school office.  Please contact Katherine Poulin-Kerstien at with any questions.
Morning Arrival on the Blacktop
A wonderful tradition that has existed at Burbank for a very long time has been the opportunity families have to meet each other and talk during the morning drop off, from 8:25-8:35 a.m.  This tradition has helped build a nice community feeling at Burbank, and is one that I really enjoy, as I know many families do too. 
As our school has grown and changed, there has been an increased number of people on the blacktop during this time.  Due to this increasing number of classes at Burbank, and volume of people on the blacktop in the morning, I’ve asked that only “soft balls” be played with during that timeframe-this would include any nerf-type balls which should be played with in the basketball area by the gym. 
Children have the opportunity to bring other balls to school (basketballs, kickballs, etc.) and play with them during their snack recess or lunch recess, when there are fewer people on the blacktop.  Please help us ensure that all of our Burbank community members are safe during these ten minutes before school, thank you for supporting this!
Drop Off and Pick Up Reminders
(This is an excerpt from the Burbank Family Handbook, which all families should review at the beginning of the school year-it can be found on the Burbank website)
There are potential problems when children get dropped off or picked up.
  • Some children run across the street to get from the car to school or from school to the car. Make sure your child gets on the sidewalk and uses the crosswalk at Sharpe and at Gale Roads, and every street crossing. 
  • Cars should not stop in the middle of the road to pick up or drop off a child. This is very dangerous, backs up traffic and has potential for accidents. 
  • Double parking on Sharpe Road does not allow busses or other cars to get by and causes backups and potential accidents. Parking on the curve is illegal, as posted. 
  • Cars should not block stairs, ramp entrances, or crosswalks. 
  • Please do not park between the “No Parking” signs on Gale Rd. in the drop off area.  This area is designated for parents to drop their students off, onto the sidewalk and then pull out without parking their car.  This enables other parents to pull in and drop their children off too.  It is also helpful if parents do not park on the opposite side of the street, as cars may tend to pull out into the road at the same time causing an accident.  
No Dogs Allowed On School Grounds
The town by-law reads:  “No dogs will be allowed under any circumstances in the following areas of town:  all cemetery land, all public school playgrounds and athletic fields and all recreation department playgrounds and athletic fields.”  At the Burbank School, the “playgrounds” include the area around the play structures and the entire blacktop area.  In addition, we request that dogs be kept away from all entrances and pathways during morning arrival time, throughout the school day, and during afternoon dismissal time.
Winter Assemblies & Our Growing Community!
Each school year brings new opportunities to learn and grow for students, families, and educators. One way our music program will change this year includes our
format for the Winter Assemblies. 
2017-2018 Burbank Winter Assemblies     Friday, December 22   Burbank Elementary Gym
  • Kindergarten, First, & Second Grade  -  9:00-9:30 a.m.
  • Third & Fourth Grade  -  10:00-10:30 a.m.
With our increased student enrollment and limited space at school, there will be separate assemblies on Friday, December 22nd at 9 a.m. for students in kindergarten through second grade, and then a program for third and fourth graders at 10 a.m.
As this is the school day before winter break and considering available space in the gym, students will only be able to attend the program in which they are performing . Students will work with their homeroom teachers before and after their respective assembly to prepare for the winter break, and will not be able to leave their homeroom to watch the alternate program. We encourage families with siblings in both assemblies to share stories and reflections about favorite parts of each assembly at home over the break.
One tradition for our Winter Assemblies that we are planning to continue for both programs includes singing Aline Shader’s partner song composition, Here In My House . We hope you and your family will be practicing at home to join in music-making together at the assemblies. You can listen to a recording and see lyrics for this song at
A Note from the Clinic
Halloween is over and it’s time to think about healthy snacks again. If you are running out of ideas for what to pack, please see the information below for some healthy suggestions for Mix and Match Snacks. Please note that these may not be appropriate for every classroom depending on individual health needs.
Non-starchy vegetable, fruit                                                      A source of protein & or fat
Or minimally processed grain
1 cup baby carrots                                                                    2 tablespoons hummus
1 sliced cucumber                                                                     2 tablespoons Ranch dressing
1 cup celery                                                                              1 cheese stick
1 small apple                                                                            1 tablespoon peanut butter
1 clementine                                                                              24 almonds
1 cup strawberries                                                                     ½ cup cottage cheese
1 cup grapes                                                                             1 cup 1% or 2% milk
2 tablespoons dried fruit                                                                        1 cup plain yogurt
6 whole-grain crackers (i.e. Triscuits)                                          2 tablespoons guacamole
1 slice “stone ground” bread                                                      1 hard boiled egg
Heather Blake, M.Ed., BSN, RN
Burbank School Nurse
Donations For the Art Room
Nicole Pond, the art teacher, is in need of wipes for her classroom.  Any parent who would like to donate wipes can drop them off in the office any time.  
Belmont High School Ski Team's Annual Ski & Sports Sale:
Saturday November 11th 10am-2pm at the Belmont High School Cafeteria
New ski equipment by Rogers Ski & Sport, used ski and sports equipment, as well as some ski and sports equipment and clothing that are sold on a consignment basis.  For consignment sales, drop-off sale items between 8-10am and we will sell them for you and split profits to support the team.  Come to gear-up and get ready for the upcoming winter season!  For more info visit
PTA News
Social-Emotional Learning:
The Open Circle Curriculum at Burbank Presentation at the next PTA Meeting
November 13, 9:00-10:00 a.m.
Please note, this is a morning meeting
Join us at the next PTA meeting to learn about the SEL curriculum used at Burbank: the excellent Open Circle Curriculum. The meeting will be held in the Burbank cafeteria on November 13, right after morning drop-off. In addition to our regular PTA business, Burbank Principal Tricia Clifford, Burbank school psychologist Jeff Forti, and Burbank Guidance Counselor Kristin Romig will lead a presentation on SEL at Burbank. Get your questions answered and leave with tips on how you can support and extend your child's social and emotional growth across school, at home, and in the community.
Support the PTA Annual Appeal
Your tax-deductible contribution to the Burbank PTA directly supports students and staff throughout the year. We do a ONE-TIME Annual Appeal Drive to cover the entire year and this is it! We ask you to contribute whatever you’re comfortable giving, and if you need a number, we suggest $125 PER CHILD. Our goal this year is 100% participation. Every bit helps our school community, so please join us and give what you can. Give online at: Thank you!
Social-Emotional Learning: The Open Circle Curriculum at Burbank
Presentation at the next PTA Meeting
November 13, 9:00-10:00 a.m.
The Burbank school uses the excellent Open Circle Curriculum across grades and integrated into the school day, to support our children's Social and Emotional Learning (SEL). Do you ever wonder what it's all about? Come to the Burbank cafeteria on November 13, right after morning drop-off, for a dialog with Tricia Clifford, Burbank principal, and Jeff Forti, Burbank school psychologist to learn more about SEL at Burbank. Get your questions answered and leave with tips on how you can support and extend your child's social and emotional growth across school, at home, and in the community.
Green Team
Two co-chairs needed to re-establish the Burbank Green Team. These volunteers will work with the Green Team volunteers from the other Belmont schools and the community to promote environmentally-friendly initiatives.
September 2017, Green Corner
Welcome back! 
For families new to Belmont – we are a dual stream community, which means we separate paper and cardboard from the containers (plastic, glass, aluminum, and milk/juice cartons). Here is a link to the Town webpage on recycling:
Please remember that recycling also takes place in our school classrooms and cafeterias. Reviewing and modeling this at home would help students improve their recycling efforts at school.
Another easy way to help out the environment is,if your child brings their lunch to school, use a reusable lunch bag/water bottle and only pack food they will eat.
If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact Mary Beth Calnan, Belmont Recycling Coordinator, 617-993-2689 or


posted: November 17, 2017 by webmaster
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