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Burbank School Newsletter, October 19, 2017

We Strive for Love of Learning, Respect and Well Being

Learn Think Create Serve

Dear Burbank Families,

As parent /teacher conference time is approaching, you may engage in a conversation with your child’s teacher about ways that you can help support learning at home. Reading is something we often emphasize to do at home, sharing books, reading daily, talking about books-many families are aware of how important reading at home is. Math is also important to discuss at home, and there are so many opportunities to discuss math in meaningful ways outside the classroom walls. When running errands, talking, reading, or doing laundry with your children, work to actively “find the math” in each situation.

Here are some suggestions on how to do that:

Follow the Money: Any time the cost of something comes up in daily life, let your child figure out the estimated total cost, how much change you would get in a given situation, or how much it cost to buy multiples of an item. Help them figure out how much more one item costs than another, etc. Practice identifying coins and their values. Using their own money, have your child count and decide if they have enough to make a certain purchase.

Work the Crowd: If your child wants or has a set of something (e.g. 20 Pokémon cards, $10, a page of 100 stickers), how much would you need to have for everyone in the family to have the same amount? How much for the whole class? What about for the whole school? OR FOR THE WHOLE WORLD?

Take Time to Make Time: Get your child a wrist watch with an analog face. Ask them to estimate how long it will take to complete an activity and then figure out how much time it actually took. Use mental math to try to figure out big questions like “How many days until your 10th birthday?” Or “How many minutes are in a year?”

Cook up Some Math: Meal preparation times are full of opportunities to explore math concepts. Involve your student in reading recipes and thinking about how to halve, double, or triple the ingredients. Ask the student to measure out the ingredients. Involving your child in these cooking experiences can help bring fractions to life for them.

Counting: Any time you need to “count to ten” while timing children to finish up or get ready for an activity, grab a chance to practice skip counting by 2s, 5s, 10s, 20s,100s, etc. Whenever possible, have your child estimate the number of a certain object and then check to see how close they were. When asking them to estimate, deepen their number sense by asking them to give an estimate they know is too low (0 is not an option) and too high as well.

It’s often fun to engage in these conversations with students about math, or play math games as a family. Enjoy the warm fall weather!


Dr. Clifford

Dates to Remember

Wednesday, October 25: EARLY RELEASE DAY – Parent Conferences-Tuesday schedule

Wednesday, November 1: EARLY RELEASE DAY – Parent Conferences – Thursday schedule

Wednesday, November 8: EARLY RELEASE DAY – Parent Conferences – Friday schedule

Thursday, November 16: Library Night

Saturday, November 18: Fall Landscape Cleanup

Wednesday, November 22: EARLY RELEASE DAY – Thanksgiving Break-Wed. schedule

Friday, December 8: Burbank Book Fair

Parent Conference Early Release Day – 11:40am Dismissal

October 25, November 1 & 8 are all early release days for fall parent conferences. Please mark these dates on your calendar. On all early release days, all students are released from school at 11:40am. No lunches are served. BASEC (after school program) begins at 11:40am.

Early Release Day Schedules

Nearly all early release days are on Wednesdays. In order for children not to miss the same specialist or program on these early release Wednesdays, another day of the week’s schedule sometimes replaces Wednesday’s schedule. For example, if Wednesday is a Thursday schedule, then Thursday will be Wednesday’s schedule for Physical Education, Art, Music, Library and Computer lab. Instrumental Music always follows the early release day schedule changes.

Check Dates to Remember for these changes.

No Dogs Allowed On School Grounds

The town by-law reads: “No dogs will be allowed under any circumstances in the following areas of town: all cemetery land, all public school playgrounds and athletic fields and all recreation department playgrounds and athletic fields.” At the Burbank School, the “playgrounds” include the area around the play structures and the entire blacktop area. In addition, we request that dogs be kept away from all entrances and pathways during morning arrival time, throughout the school day, and during afternoon dismissal time.

Attention Parents of 4th Grade Students

An updated physical exam is required by Massachusetts law for students in 4th grade. If I have not yet received a physical that was done within the past year, please send one to the clinic as soon as possible.

Please call with any questions at 617-993-5506.

Thank you,

Heather Blake, BSN, M.Ed., RN

Donations For the Art Room

Nicole Pond, the art teacher, is in need of wipes for her classroom. Any parent who would like to donate wipes can drop them off in the office any time.

Volunteer at the FBE Spelling Bee

The FBE Spelling Bee is right around the corner. It takes many many volunteers to run an event of this scale. Please join us! Volunteer! Many roles and shifts are available throughout the day. Click here to sign up!

We can't do it without you!

Thank you for your support of the FBE!

Laurie Bufano and Barbara Bulfoni

Co-Chairs, 2017 FBE Spelling Bee

Belmont High School Ski Team's Annual Ski & Sports Sale:

Saturday November 11th 10am-2pm at the Belmont High School Cafeteria

New ski equipment by Rogers Ski & Sport, used ski and sports equipment, as well as some ski and sports equipment and clothing that are sold on a consignment basis. For consignment sales, drop-off sale items between 8-10am and we will sell them for you and split profits to support the team. Come to gear-up and get ready for the upcoming winter season! For more info visit

PTA News

Support the PTA Annual Appeal

Your tax-deductible contribution to the Burbank PTA directly supports students and staff throughout the year. We do a ONE-TIME Annual Appeal Drive to cover the entire year and this is it! We ask you to contribute whatever you’re comfortable giving, and if you need a number, we suggest $125 PER CHILD. Our goal this year is 100% participation. Every bit helps our school community, so please join us and give what you can. Give online at: Thank you!

BOKS (Build Our Kids' Success)

There is still space in BOKS, the before-school exercise program! Use the paper registration form (sent home several weeks ago) to register, or contact Alisa at Parents and guardians can sign up to volunteer during BOKS sessions here. If you volunteer five times, you qualify for the participation discount.

Box Tops Collection:

It's time to send in your Box Tops. You can drop Box Tops in the collection box in the main office, or send them in via your child's take home folder.

PTA Volunteers Needed

If you can commit to take on a leadership role this year, the following committees are in urgent need of motivated people to step up.

Fourth Grade Moving On: Yearbook

The yearbook team could use a couple more volunteers to help organize and collect pictures and edit the yearbook. InDesign, Photoshop, and organizational skills a plus!

Fourth Grade: School Store

We need two volunteers to work with groups of 4th grade student volunteers to market and run the Burbank School Store (open selected Fridays after school). The proceeds from the school store support the Fourth Grade Moving On activities.

Garden Classroom

We need at least one more co-chair to help maintain the beautiful Garden Classroom. This position involves managing the maintenance and development of the garden, as well as coordinating volunteer efforts in the garden, and collaborating with the Landscape, Veggie Garden, and Garden Curriculum co-chairs.

Burbank Walks

We need two co-chairs to help promote walking/biking/scooting to school. The co-chairs will organize Walk to School Days (October, February & May); organize “walking school buses”; and promote pedestrian and bike safety.

Many Fall walking programs are already set up and underway. We are looking for two people to begin coordinating with current co-chairs Jessie Bennett and Hyon-Jee Voigt to get walking/biking programs in place for spring, and transition into the co-chair positions.

If any of these roles interests you, please email Katherine or Seetha. The PTA is a completely volunteer run organization, and the positive impact felt by students, teachers, and our community is immeasurable. Thank you for giving of your time and talents!

September 2017, Green Corner

Welcome back!

For families new to Belmont – we are a dual stream community, which means we separate paper and cardboard from the containers (plastic, glass, aluminum, and milk/juice cartons). Here is a link to the Town webpage on recycling:

Please remember that recycling also takes place in our school classrooms and cafeterias. Reviewing and modeling this at home would help students improve their recycling efforts at school.

Another easy way to help out the environment is, if your child brings their lunch to school, use a reusable lunch bag/water bottle and only pack food they will eat.

Mark your calendars with the following dates for trash and recycling information:

The Department of Public Works will present information regarding trash collection methods. The RFP for Solid Waste, Recycling and Yard Waste Collection will be issued in October. Please come to learn more. On the DPW website -Trash and Recycling Information (bottom of page on the above link), there are informational links about the options in an earlier PowerPoint presentation and recommendations from DSM, a national firm that specializes in trash characterization audits.

October 21st, 9:00 am – 1:00 pm

Are you getting rid of summer clothing and items around your home in anticipation of the fall? Please don’t throw these items in the trash, instead bring them to the October DPW Recycle Day.

Residents will have the chance to recycle textiles, bulky rigid plastics, electronics, bicycles and paper shredding on Saturday, October 21st from 9:00 – 1:00pm at the Town Yard, 37 C Street. Please note that residents should check the website and the local newspaper for upcoming information of what exactly will be collected.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact Mary Beth Calnan, Belmont Recycling Coordinator, 617-993-2689 or

posted: October 19, 2017 by webmaster
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