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METCO Family Friends

There is a Belmont  - METCO Family Friends program at Burbank, more than one Belmont student can be paired with each student from Boston.  This will allow more opportunities for both Boston and Belmont students and their families to get acquainted, share experiences and develop friendships.  The PTA Family Friends Committee will try to pair students who are of the same gender and in the same class.  They encourage all interested families to become involved.

A major role of a Family Friend is to provide a place outside school in Belmont where a METCO student can go and feel welcome.  In the event of sickness, emergency transportation is provided so the child can be sent to his/her Boston home.

METCO Family Friends often provide sleep-over arrangements that allow a METCO child to participate in extra-curricular activities.  This is not a must; but one of the purposes of METCO is to provide for a closer understanding and cooperation between urban and suburban parents and children, and to broaden the living and learning experience of the children.  There should be some interaction that takes place out of the school and the home.

METCO Family Friends should try to meet the METCO personnel at their various school(s) or call them if they need clarification on any issues.  They should also make contact with the Boston family before planning any activities for the child.

The METCO Family Friend committee occasionally is asked to act as a political pressure group in Belmont and at the State level.  It usually involves letter writing or telephone calls to key legislators.  

Some activities for Boston students to be involved with Host Family Friends are:

  1. Cub and Boy Scouts
  2. Brownie and Girl Scouts
  3. Soccer  (town)
  4. Music
  5. Recreational programs
  6. Softball
  7. Basketball
  8. After school clubs

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Family Friends program at the Burbank, or if you have any questions about it,  please call the School office or the PTA President.  You may also contact the Belmont Schools' METCO office at  617-993-5850.

The Belmont METCO office organizes a variety of activities which support Family Friends' relationships.  For example, there is an annual Potluck Supper, a family day in Boston (i.e. Museum of Science, Franklin Park Zoo), visiting on a Saturday with Belmont or Boston family (bus transportation is provided).  There are also events such as a talent show and awards night.

 For more information and subscribe to METCO lists visit Belmont Schools' METCO Department web site

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