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Mary Lee Burbank School  Belmont, MA 02478

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Mary Lee Burbank School

266 School Street

Belmont, MA 02478

Phone: 617-484-3411



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Welcome to our Habits of Success web site!


This web site will provide information about our

Habits of Success school-wide program based on the work of  Arthur L. Costa, Ed.D and Bena Kallick,Ph.D, Habits of Mind.


We strive as a learning community to fulfill the

Belmont Public Schools’ Mission Statement:


With a commitment to teaching and learning, the Belmont Public Schools strive to nurture the intellectual, social, and personal development of each student and to create a dynamic community of lifelong learners who contribute to the common good and are of service to others.

We strive to exemplify the Belmont Public Schools’ Motto:



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