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Emergency Forms
At the start of each school year, each student brings home an "emergency form" for completion by parent or guardian.  It is essential that these be completed thoroughly and be kept updated with information on who can be reached in case of an emergency (illness, accident, etc.)

We advise parents or guardians to keep a student home for the day if he/she is ill.  Should a student become ill at school, the parent or guardian will be notified and expected to come to school immediately.
A phone call in case of absence is not necessary, except in cases of absence due to head lice or a communicable disease.  In such cases, a call to the office or school nurse is important.  In all cases, a note of explanation is required when a child returns from school after being absent.

Medication in School
Students are not to carry any medication to or from school.  In the case of prescribed medicines that must be administered during the school day, there must be a written medication order from a licensed prescriber and a consent form (available from the school nurse) signed by the parent or guardian.  The pharmacy should be asked to provide separate containers for school and home.  For short-term prescriptions, the pharmacy label may be used in lieu of a licensed prescriber's order.  Only the school nurse may give this medication to children.  Please contact the school nurse for clarification on dispensing of medication in school if you have any questions.

Massachusetts State Law requires documentation of proper immunization in order for children to enter school.  Besides DPT, polio, measles, mumps, and rubella (German measles), new regulations require hepatitis B vaccination as of 1996, as well as TB. test results and evidence of lead poisoning screening.  A child without proof of immunization (including dates of immunization) must be excluded from school after the first 15 days.  Contact the school nurse if you have any questions about this requirement.  Also, the state requires that students in grades K, 1, and 4 must have evidence of a recent physical examination.

New or Transfer Students 
All students must have a physical examination unless one was completed within the six months prior to registration.  Written verification is required.

Vision and Hearing Screening 
Every child receives an annual hearing and vision screening from the school nurse.  In the event that special hearing or vision concerns are detected, notices are sent to parents. 

Head Lice (pediculosis) 
Whenever parents or guardians detect head lice in their family, it is essential that the school nurse be alerted immediately, even if treatment has been undertaken already.  This allows the nurse to check other members of the child's class and to alert all parents in the class.  In this way, the spread of lice to others can be reduced.  If a child has had lice, he/she may re-enter school only after being checked by a school nurse.  A doctor should be consulted for recommended treatment.  The nurse sends home information about treatment procedures that must be carried out in the home environment (e.g. inspection of heads, treatment of clothing, linens, and personal items).  Head lice is a common yearly occurrence in schools, since they are so easily transmitted.  Precautions taken early can limit the spread.

Participation in Programs 
The physical education program in the elementary school has as its objective the physical, social-emotional and intellectual development of children.  Therefore, if a child is able to be in school, then he or she is expected to participate in school activities, including gym and recess.  The only exception would be a written directive from the child's physician.  If you have any questions, please call the school nurse at 617-993-5506.

For more information visit Department of Health and Nursing Services web site

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