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2015 Northeast Senior District Results


On Saturday, Nov. 14, 143 dedicated music students from Belmont High School traveled to North Andover HS and auditioned for the Massachusetts Music Educators (MMEA) Northeast District Senior Festival. These students were among the 1,127 students from surrounding towns vying for the opportunity to perform in one of the District Honors Ensembles – Band, Chorus, Orchestra and Jazz Ensemble.

Each student worked for months to prepare for their audition, which required a great deal of time, effort and courage. We are proud to announce that sixty-six BHS students were accepted to perform in the Senior District Festival. This matches the all-time high number of acceptances that many of these same students helped establish in 2014. Additionally, thirty-six of the accepted students earned All-State Recommendations, earning them the opportunity to audition for the MMEA All-State Festival in January.

Please join us in congratulating the following students on their acceptance into one of the Senior District Honors Ensembles (*denotes All-State Recommendation):

Jason Ackerson, trombone

Sam Bastille, chorus

James Boyle, chorus

Anthony Bulat, chorus

Caroline Burns, chorus

Erin Cantor, viola

*Eleanor Carlile, French horn

*Jessica Chen, viola

Josie Cooper, clarinet

Ben Crocker, chorus

*Jocelyn Cubstead, chorus

Benjy Cunningham, chorus

Victor Dankens, chorus

Eleanor Dash, trumpet

*Ammu Dinesh, bassoon

*Julia Fontana, cello

*Mary Gastian, chorus

Christopher Giron, bassoon

Fiona Grant, clarinet

*Tenny Gregorian, chorus

Peter Grifiths, chorus

*Hisako Gutterman, trombone

Sammy Haines, chorus

Seneca Hart, chorus

*Kiara Holm, clarinet

*Wonyoung Jang, euphonium

Rachel Jansen, cello

Kevin Ji, violin

*Eliza Jones, French horn

*Brandon Kim, violin

*Helena Kim, euphonium

Isabelle Kim, violin

*James Kitch, cello

Elizabeth Knight, string bass

*David Korn, chorus

*Oliver Leeb, chorus

*Stephen Lucas, clarinet

Meggie MacAulay, chorus

Anna Makar-Limanov, chorus

Wilder Manion, chorus

*Raffi Manjikian, chorus

*Eli Martin, trombone

*Hannah Messenger, French horn

*Alex Park, jazz trumpet

*Georgia Parsons, chorus

*Maerose Pepe, chorus

*Calvin Perkins, trumpet

*Olivia Pierce, chorus

*Audrey Quinn, violin

*Connor Quinn, chorus

*Hannah Read, flute/piccolo

Paul Rhee, violin

*Annalise Schlaug, cello

*Lila Searls, alto saxophone

*Ned Searls, trumpet

*Sam Sorensen, chorus

*Lea Grace Swinson, chorus

Gillian Tahajian, flute

Swapnil Thapa, chorus

*Rafi Wagner, trombone

Tina Wang, euphonium

*Quincy Webb, chorus

Alexander Wilk, viola

Jiwon Yoon, cello

Lara Zeng, violin

*Anya Zhang, flute

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