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School Bus Registration

The deadline for bus registration was July 15th. Parents who need to register their children for busing may request that the registration link be resent to the primary parent on the student’s school record by filling out the form below.

Busing & Payment Information

  1. Student’s first and last name 
  2. Parent’s first and last name 
  3. Student’s address 
  4. Student’s grade for the 2017-2018 school year 
  5. Student’s assigned school

Your child may not be able to ride the bus this year as maximum capacities have been reached on some buses. And cannot accommodate additional riders. Requests for registration will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis. Where possible, students will be placed on an available bus. 

Students who complete their registration after July 15th will be placed on a wait-list pending availability. Parents are strongly encouraged to register their children before the deadline to ensure a seat for your child.

Need help with your registration? Contact Business office below.

If you require a fee wavier, please do not make a payment. Instead, view the Fee Waiver instructions here.


Contact Form for BPS School Busing

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The following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are provided and answered to note changes in busing operations. These procedures affect regular day bus transportation. They do not affect any transportation specified in a student’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP).

Busing FAQ

Q:When do I register my child for busing?

Parents will receive an email on June 5th with a registration link for their child. Registration must be submitted by July 15th. Seating is not guaranteed for any student registered after July 15th.

Q:How do I register my child for busing?

All busing registrations must be done online. Parents will receive an email on June 5th with a registration link for their child. The registration form must be filled out in order to make the required half-year payment.

Q:I think my child may be eligible for free busing, based on income or grade. Do I still need to complete the online registration process?

Yes, all students in need of bus transportation must complete the online registration process. Any student for whom an online application has not submitted will not be permitted to ride the bus.

Q:The busing registration deadline has passed. Can I still register my child for busing for the start of school?

You must complete the online registration process. However, your child may be placed on a wait-list pending availability. Please be advised as a result of registering after the deadline, there is no guarantee of a bus stop near your home, available seating, or bus service in the area of town in which you reside.

Parents are strongly encouraged to register their children before the deadline to ensure a seat for you child.

Q:Why does it matter if I register my child after the deadline since the total number of students registered does not change?

During the registration window, all of the online registration forms are accumulated. Bus routes are then established based on the number of students, their addresses, and student grade levels. Efficiency is achieved when the full group of students requesting bus service is considered together, at one time. A tremendous amount of time, planning, and thought go into the development of bus routes in an effort to optimize the limited number of buses available, travel time around town, school start times, and the sheer number of students riding the bus at all levels – elementary, middle, and high school. Changing a route for even a single additional stop may impact students at other stops, subject the bus to increased traffic, delay the bus’ arrival time at school, and result in overcrowding. These changes may render bus routes incapable of accommodating new students. If all students register within the registration window, they will most likely find seating on their assigned routes during the development process.

Q:I would like my child to start busing later in the school year. Is this permitted?

Yes, you may complete the online registration at the time you would like your child to begin riding the bus. Please be advised there is no guarantee of a bus stop near your home, available seating, or bus service in the area of town in which you reside.

Q:How much does it cost to ride the bus?

The annual bus fee per student is $575.00. For students in grades Kindergarten through 6 who live 2.0 miles or more from their assigned school, busing is free. All students who live less than 2.0 miles from their assigned school are required to pay the busing fee. All students requiring bus service, regardless of grade or distance from school, must register for busing online.

Q:Are fee waivers available?

Yes, financial waivers are granted based on household size and income. To request a waiver, fill out the Fee Waiver Application found here: Fee Waiver Application

You must send the completed form with a copy of last year’s federal tax return (Form 1040) to:

Belmont Public Schools
C/O Business Office - Busing
644 Pleasant Street
Belmont, MA 02478

You may also fax your paperwork to 617-993-5439. For security reasons, please do not email your tax information to the Business Office. Waivers will be reviewed confidentially.

Q:For students in grades K-6, how is the distance to school determined?

Beginning with the 2017-2018 school year, distance will be determined by the Business Office using the most commonly traveled route provided by Google Maps.*

* Previously, Mapquest was used to determine students’ distance to their assigned school but after evaluation, was proven inconsistent in its results. For all students in kindergarten through grade 6 who were measured at 2.0 miles or greater through the end of the 2016-2017 school year via Mapquest, your distance will be grandfathered provided you remain at your current address and/or until your child begins the 7th grade, at which time you are required to pay the bus fee regardless of distance to the school. Should you move within the town to a different address, the distance from your home to your assigned school will be re-evaluated via Google Maps.

Q:Is a school bus available for my child no matter where in Belmont I live?

Unfortunately as busing resources are limited, there are portions of town that are not serviced by school buses. This does not apply to students in grades K-6 who live 2.0 miles or more from school, as previously mentioned.

Q:If I request that my child attend a school outside of my district, is busing available?

If parents request that their child attend a school other than the school within their district, busing is not available. Parents will be responsible for their child’s transportation to and from their newly assigned school.

Q:Where will my child’s bus stop be?

Once the routes are finalized, they are posted on the School Department’s website here. Students may board the bus at the stop most convenient to their homes provided it is on the student’s assigned route.

Q:Does my child need a bus pass to ride the bus?

Bus passes are not issued for elementary students. Bus rosters are maintained by the main office at each elementary school. Bus passes are required for middle and high school students. Students must be ready to display passes to the driver or other staff as they board or exit the bus. Students are required to ride the bus corresponding to the number on their pass. Any student attempting to board a bus without a pass or with a pass for another bus may be refused bus service.

Q:When and how will I receive my child’s bus pass?

Your child’s bus pass will be mailed to your home during the week before school start provided we have received your payment for the first semester.

Q:How do I replace a lost pass?

Please email to request a replacement pass. Replacement passes are provided at no cost.

Q:Can I or my child change which bus he/she rides?

No, only students registered for busing with a valid pass may ride a school bus. Your child must ride only the school bus to which he/she is assigned. Neither parents nor students may unilaterally decide to ride a different bus for any reason, even if a different bus route is close to the student’s home address. Other than a change in residence within Belmont by the child and family, requests to change bus assignments are generally not granted as bus stops are already established and adding students could be disruptive.

Q:Can the afternoon bus drop off my child at daycare, a friend’s home, or at a grandparent’s home?

No, students can only be dropped off at an assigned stop on their bus route. At the parents’ discretion, students may exit the bus at a different stop already established on their assigned bus route.

Q:Can I register my child to ride the bus for only three days per week?

Student registration covers the full week. Parents are free to make other arrangements for their child’s transportation to or from school at any time during the week however, no discount will be provided if a student does not ride the bus five days per week.

Q:Can I register my child to ride the bus only in the morning or only in the afternoon?

Yes, you may designate morning, afternoon, or both during the online registration process. The annual fee for one-way busing (morning OR afternoon) is $287.50, which is half of the annual fee of $575.00.

Q:How many students are assigned to a bus?

Generally, not more than 60 students are assigned to a bus. 60 students means that 21 of the 27 bench seats on the bus will need to seat three students. Slightly greater or fewer than 60 students may be assigned to a bus depending on three-to-a-seat availability.

Q:What happens if I am not able to be at the bus stop in the afternoon to receive my child?

Parents are expected to be at the afternoon bus stop to receive their children in grades K-2. Any children in grades K-2 who are not received by a parent will not be permitted to exit the bus. They will be returned to their school at the end of the bus route, where the school’s main office will contact parents. Students in grades 3-12 are permitted to exit the bus if no parent is there to receive them.

Q:Can someone else receive my children at the bus stop in the afternoon if I cannot be there?

You may assign a responsible adult to receive your child at their afternoon bus stop as long as the adult is known to your child. Groups of parents may arrange among themselves for one or more parents from a neighborhood to receive all of the children at a certain bus stop in the afternoon. Students in grades K-2 will be permitted to exit the bus if they have an older sibling in grade 3 or higher who is also on the bus at that time.

Q:What is expected of students when riding the bus?

  • Students are to have bus passes in-hand or attached to a backpack so that passes are visible to the bus driver. Students must be ready to display bus passes to the driver as they board the bus.
  • Students must also present bus passes to Belmont Public Schools staff when directed. 
  • Students are to enter the bus and sit in an open seat. Students may not stand while the bus is in motion.
  • Student belongings such as backpacks or other items cannot occupy another seat on the bus.
  • Students are to be on their best behavior, in the same manner in which they are expected to conduct themselves while they are in school.

Q:What are the expectations for parents whose children ride the bus?

  • Parents are expected to ensure that students are at their bus stops in the morning, prior to the bus’ arrival.
  • For students in grades K-2, a parent or designated adult known to the student must receive the child at the bus stop.
  • For students in grades K-2 whose bus stop is at their residence, parents are expected to be clearly visible to the bus driver at the time the school bus is approaching the stop. Examples include parents standing outside, in front of their home, or standing in the doorway to the home with the door open. When a parent does not make his/her presence visibly known to the bus driver, the driver is required to wait for the student to walk on to the property until he/she actually enters the home. This process delays the bus route and prolongs the time all remaining children spend on the bus before reaching their stops.

Q:How are student behavior issues related to busing addressed?

For any student whose behavior is found inappropriate while riding the bus, the bus driver will complete a report and submit it to the school principal for disciplinary action. Discipline may include temporary suspension or permanent revocation of bus privileges.

Q:How do I communicate questions or concerns about busing?

For any questions or concerns regarding busing issues that occur on the property of your child’s school building, contact your school principal. To report any vehicles failing to stop for school buses when their flashing stop lights are engaged, contact the Belmont Police Department at 617-993-2500. For all other busing matters, email

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