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New students, accompanied by a parent or guardian, must register in the guidance office. All students who enter/withdraw from Belmont High School may be required to meet with and receive approval by the principal. Parents/guardians must accompany the student unless the student is 18 or over. 

The following materials must be submitted at the time of registration: 

  • proof of residency, 
  • official transcripts, 
  • original health records (including proof of immunization), and 
  • the most recent MCAS scores (if available). 

All students entering Belmont High School must meet the immunization requirements set up by Chapter 76, Section 15 of the General Laws of Massachusetts. Proof of immunization must be presented to the school nurse when registering for school. Failure to comply with this ruling will result in exclusion from school. (Please see the section on transfer credits). See Health and Nursing Web site for more information.

School Choice Program

The School Committee has voted that Belmont Public Schools will not take part in the School Choice Program for the 2015-2016 school year. 

Any Questions call: Colleen Sullivan at (617) 993-5410


Students transferring to another school or withdrawing from Belmont High School must submit an Official Withdrawal Notice signed by a parent/guardian (unless student is 16 or over) to the guidance office. Students withdrawing who wish to “drop out,” must be afforded an exit interview. Students must also return books, school issued IPads, and other school property to the office. Transcripts will not be released until the student has resolved any/all obligations and has officially withdrawn.

Transfer Credits

BHS will accept for credit courses from other secondary schools. Students successfully completing BHS equivalent courses at another secondary school cannot retake those courses at BHS. Acceptance of and the designation (college prep, honors, AP) of credits from other institutions is at the discretion of the BHS administration. Courses accepted for credit that do not logically correlate with BHS offerings will be assigned a generic title on the student transcript and may not carry the same credit value. Transfer grades will be listed as P’s or F’s on the BHS transcript. 

If a transfer student is fluent in a language other than English and their previous transcript shows that they have studied this other language for at least two years, then this can count as their “foreign language” two year graduation credit.


The guidance department works with students to prepare and mail their transcripts for college; there is a $10 processing fee, which covers shipping and materials, for the guidance department to send transcripts for seniors.

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To excuse a student’s absence, the parent/guardian must call the high school attendance office the night before, or the day of the student’s absence.

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