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Announcements Summer 2017

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Yearbooks are ready to be picked in the main office.


Lockers should be cleaned out and locked before you leave for the summer. Any items left in the lockers will be donated to charity.


Students enrolled in AP Physics next year should pick up a textbook and summer assignment from Mr. Loosmann in Room 115 before the end of the school year.


Any juniors taking Neurobiology next year can find their summer assignment on the district website or pick up a paper copy in room 215 with Ms. Williams.

AP Environmental Science

Students taking APES next year should get the summer assignment from Ms. Partridge in room 216.

AP Computer Science

Students taking AP Computer Science next year should stop by room 213 to get a copy of the summer assignment from Ms. McLeod.

AP Biology

If you are taking AP Biology next year, be sure to stop by room 212 for the textbook in order to do the summer assignment

AP Chemistry

“Students enrolled in AP Chemistry next year should pick up a textbook and summer assignment from Mr. Abruzzese in Room 225 before the end of the school year.”


Students are reminded that all vehicles parked in the school parking lot are required to have a parking permit. Parking permits are issued through the main office. In addition, students may only park in the designated student parking area marked by the white lines. Students may not park in the teacher lot marked by the yellow lines. Students parking in the teacher lot will be subject to consequences.

President's Volunteer Service Awards

The presidential awards have arrived.  Please pick them up from Ms. Melnikoff in the Social Studies office.

Community Service

A new list of service opportunities was sent in an email to all students on Thursday.

Volunteer in the kitchen and serve at the S.P.O.R.T. banquet on Wed., June 14, from 5-9PM, at St. Joe's on Common Street.  Stay for all or part of the evening.

See Ms. Melnikoff


A reminder to students please do not leave your belongings unattended anywhere is the building. Also, please make sure if you ride your bikes to school that you lock them


Senior open campus and parking permit application are available for eligible students. Stop by the main office between the hours of 10 am and 1 pm for application(s).


All items in Lost & Found will be donated to charity at the end of each quarter. If you think you have lost something check the Lost & Found.


Students and Staff should be reminded to LOCK their bikes on the bike racks. We have observed numerous bikes not locked.


There have been many reports of student cutting thru resident’s back yards and crossing the railroad tracks to get to the High School.  This is considered trespassing and the Belmont Police and MBTA police will be patrolling the area and if caught trespassing laws may be enforced.

Crossing the Commuter Rail tracks is not only highly dangerous but is also considered trespassing. Trespassers are subject to substantial fines and arrest by MBTA Police and Belmont Police.


New to the school in common areas are recycling barrels for beverages.Screw all caps back on before recycling. Blue bins are for paper  Green bins are for plastic, aluminum or glass.


Students are encouraged to lock the lock on their lockers. If you are having trouble with your lock/locker please see Mrs. Ouellette in the main office.

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