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PTSO Sponsored Speaker Series 2017-2018

Freshman - Ryan’s Story with John Halligan


Friday,  9/15 - 8:10am - morning presentation for students

John Halligan’s son, Ryan, died by suicide on October 7, 2003 after a life of being bullied by classmates at school and online.  He was only 13 years old. Halligan’s presentation covers the lessons learned too late for his family regarding how to deal with bullying, cyberbullying, and teen depression.

Sophomore - Cyber Safety with Susan McLean


Tuesday, 10/3- 10:00 am- morning presentation for students

In 1994, Susan took her first report of cyberbulllying involving a group of Year 8 school girls. Having identified the then emerging problem of internet harassment and witnessed first hand the significant increase in issues relating to internet misuse over the past years, Susan began to research the issue and looked to the international arena for evidence of exemplar practices.

Susan has a special ability to connect with each audience. Children from as young as 8 years of age, through to students in their final year of school, together with adults from all walks of life have been thoroughly engrossed by her vibrant and easy to understand presentations. She has a lifetime of ‘real’ experiences to share with her audience, and it is this ability, to draw on actual cases and examples, together with Susan’s exceptional presentation skills that make her presentations so unique.

Junior - Making your Mark with Ed Gerety


Thursday 11/2 - 9am -  morning presentation for students and workshop for student leadership group

The areas of focus that Ed covers in his assembly program “Making Your Mark” are as follows:

  • The power of respect and responsibility
  • The impact and consequences of our choices and decisions
  • The issues of bullying, peer pressure, drugs, alcohol and tobacco
  • Appreciation for our abilities and the people in our life
  • The courage to believe in oneself
  • The power we have to reach out and make a difference

All Student- Four Perfect Pebbles: A Holocaust Story with Marion Lazan


Monday, 11/27- 9am- morning presentation for students and staff

We have read about history in our textbooks. We have googled topics on the internet. We have even watched documentaries on the History channel.   But there are very few opportunities in our lives to actually sit in the same room as someone who has survived and truly lived moments of history. This presentation offers the unique experience and privilege of hearing firsthand from a woman who is both a witness to, and as a Holocaust survivor, a victim of history.

Senior - The Drive to Save Lives with Cara Filler


Wednesday 3/28- 6pm - evening presentation for students and parents

Attendance is required in order for students to participate in senior activities.

Throughout this eye-opening presentation on traffic safety and risk taking, Cara inspires students to stand up for themselves and their friends, have a good time safely and make better life-changing decisions. With entertaining and powerful messages, Cara encourages students to step up and realize they own the Power of Choice.

Life is a journey, and Cara gives students a road map to navigate through it’s speed bumps and roadblocks. Students learn how to create their own GPS (Game Plan for Success!), develop an unstoppable drive forward and the secrets of getting in the express lane to success.

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