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For Juniors

Congrats, you are officially upperclassman. There are several things you should keep in mind over the course of your third year at Belmont High School.

Junior College Planning To Do List

Standardized testing

  • Do you plan on taking the SAT, ACT or both?
  • Which test dates will you register for?
    • SAT : March/May/June
    • ACT : April/June
  • Do you plan on taking 2-3 SAT Subject Tests?
  • Which SAT Subject Tests have you taken or will you take? Which test dates (May/June)?

Teacher recommendations

  • Which teachers will you approach in the spring to write a letter of recommendation?

Guidance Counselor

  • When will you meet with your guidance counselor to discuss college planning this winter/spring? Be sure to invite your parents!
  • Have you completed and submitted your student questionnaire?
  • Have you signed in to Family Connection? connection.naviance.com/belmonths
  • Talk to your counselor about your senior year course selection. Challenge yourself, but don’t overload! Applying to college is like taking a seventh class.
  • Check out the guidance website: www.belmont.k12.ma.us/bhs/guidance

College Characteristics

  • Size: Small (1,000-3,000) Medium (3,000-8,000) Large (8,000-20,0000) XL (20,000 +)
  • Geographic region(s): Where do you want to be?
  • Academic Programs: What major(s) are you considering?
  • Campus Life: What are you looking for outside of academics?
  • Cost: What is your price range?
  • Diversity: What kind of student body are you looking to live and learn with?

The Application, etc.

  • Create a resume of your activities and achievements.
  • Brainstorm potential essay topics. Write a draft of your essay(s) over the summer.
  • Complete the common application online over the summer.
  • Be productive over the summer: volunteer, get a job, take a class.
Where are you in the college search process?

I have no idea what I want to do…

Majors and Careers

I have no idea where I want to be…

Could someone make me a list?

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